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Help! DS 3.9 waking at 5am for poo!

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Nutgirl Thu 16-Jul-15 13:53:16

DS1 used to be such a good sleeper but recently his wake up time has been getting earlier and earlier and he's been getting up at around 5am to have a poo. He still wears a nappy at night (pull up not absorbent enough) and needs help to wipe and wash hands afterwards and get his pants on or nappy back on. I am so sick of this, he sits on the loo and sings and wakes everyone up. Any advice on how to prevent early morning poos? He does usually go late afternoon / bath time as well.

Ds2 is 8 months and is usually awake and crying by 4/5ish anyway which probably wakes DS1 up but between the two of them they are awake and preventing anyone else getting sleep from about 4am every single day and I am just shattered. Going back to work soon and don't know how will cope on on 4-5 hrs sleep a night. It doesn't help that I the world's lightest sleeper and wake at the sound of a cough or door handle going.

DS1 has a gro clock and is usually good at going back to his room after been to loo and waiting for sun to come up but he rarely goes back to sleep and I worry he isn't getting enough sleep. He won't nap in the day.

Any advice on his to make mornings start a bit later? 6am would be a luxury! Thanks.

Marioswife Thu 16-Jul-15 15:05:29

i don't' think you can change when he poops, but maybe put a potty by his bed and go to bed earlier yourself?

Misty9 Thu 16-Jul-15 23:32:36

My friend has this problem with her ds and told me she just wakes to wipe his bottom then goes back to bed! But her younger one isn't woken by it. It sounds like it's the singing and waking everyone which is the main problem? Sanctions agreed in advance? Reward chart for quiet pooing?!

ScrambledEggAndToast Fri 17-Jul-15 06:50:06

Poor you OP. My son is 12.5 now and (sorry to sound boastful) but I am now loving the lie ins. I am only telling you this so that hopefully, your kids will stop with the early rising one day and you can get some sleep! I remember the days of my little one getting up ready to play at 4am, bouncing on the bed. He was a very joyful boy, usually ready for the park at about 8am at the weekend! This is only a few years of your life. Right now, it will seem like forever but it will end and there are plenty of sympathetic MNers. Just try and get some sleep whenever you can. I used to take my boy for a 'dream wee' at about 11pm on my way to bed so he would sleep for as long as possible.

Nutgirl Fri 17-Jul-15 10:29:52

Thanks for all your replies. This morning was a bit better as he woke at 6 for a poo and after a good talk last night he stayed quiet so I just wiped his bum and took him back to bed and he was then quiet till his sun came up on his clock. Baby didn't wake till 6 either so actually feel human today.

Tried to stodge him up last night with egg, rice and banana for tea but it obviously didn't work. We said that if he was nice and quiet when he went to the loo first thing then he could have a coin for his piggy bank but if noisy then he wouldn't be able to watch TV before breakfast. Seemed to do the trick.

Just wish he could poo in the middle of the day instead!

I do go to bed early OP, in bed by 9.30 / 10 most nights.

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