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wheresthelight Wed 15-Jul-15 21:18:32

I have a history of depression and anxiety and suffered a lot with antenatal depression to the point I was signed off work for most of my pregnancy. Skip forward to now and dd turns 2 in a few weeks and for a while now I have been feeling really low.

I have pretty much hidden it from everyone and so far have done quite a good job as no one has mentioned anything. My hv visits every 3-4 months as they were really worried about pnd.

I don't think it's pnd, I think I am excessively tired as dd has been an awful sleeper since going into a bed at 15 months (she could climb out of the cot so was safer in a bed) and I can't remember the last time I had a full nights sleep. Dp tries but he doesn't hear her in the night when he is home and works nights so isn't here most of the time. I have gone back to work and am really struggling with the juggling and it is stressing me out a lot.

I have struggled to lose weight and since having the coil fitted I have ballooned. We haven't had sex since I was pregnant due to being ships passing in the night and when we are together I take the chance to get an early night to at least get some sleep but I feel like dp just isn't attracted to me anymore. My anxiety stops me asking him because I am terrified of the answer.

It probably sounds silly but little things like I hate him having stubble/beard. He doesn't shave because he "forgets to" but part of me thinks he does it because he knows I won't try and kiss or snuggles d it upsets me.
Am I just being a prat or do other parents feel like this?

KatyN Thu 16-Jul-15 07:21:13

Yeah, it's really hard. Do you have family that your daughter could go to for a sleepover. My son stays with my folks about once every 6 months and it is a total saviour. I'd like to claim that we go out razzing but actually we just sleep for the whole time.
Alternatively maybe you need to book into a cheap hotel for the night when your husband can look after your daughter. If he doesn't hear her, she can come into him.
Are you taking medication for the depression, would a visit to the gp help?

wheresthelight Thu 16-Jul-15 20:53:17

Thanks for your post Katy. Unfortunately my parents smoke like chimneys so her staying with them isn't an option and I have no one else locally who could have her.

I haven't been to gp yet as have just changed because last one was an idiot and just haven't had a chance to psyche myself up. We have a mental few weeks so once life settles down again I think I will take a trip. I want to avoid antidepressants if possible because the side effects are awful.

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