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ohthegoats Wed 15-Jul-15 20:34:41

Something I didn't expect when I had a baby... grandparents getting on my wick. I sort of knew that my in-laws would wind me up based on conversation while I was pregnant, but even my parents are winding me up a bit.

Maybe it's because I am part of a huge family where I am one of 28 grandchildren on one side, and 16 on the other.. so you know, we weren't 'special' in any way, but I find their attention to my daughter (one of one on in-law side, one of three on my parents side) to be quite claustrophobic almost.

How do you find yours?

StonedGalah Wed 15-Jul-15 20:39:14

My dp are a long way away but dd is their fourth so the novelty has worn off smile

The IL on the other hand were a bit of a shock. I've had to be quite blunt bordering fucking rude which has really pissed me off as it put a strain on our relationship.

It's got better as dd got older but I'm due dd2 and hoping we don't all revert back (as in me stroppy DIL and them insane IL grin)

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