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Uneven leg creases.

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Writerwannabe83 Tue 14-Jul-15 11:22:57

My DS is 15 months old and the HV has just been round to see him after two childminders have passed comment that he seems to lose his balance.

Anyway, she checked his legs and noticed that his leg creases aren't even in that one of them is much more pronounced on one leg than the other.

She's gone to speak to a GP about the next step.

She started talking to me about congenital hip dysplasia and so now I'm already panicked.

We already have a health problem with him that is causing me a lot of anxiety and so now this potential problem has been identified I feel overwhelmed and upset.

Does anyone else have any experience of uneven leg creases and what was the outcome?

butterfly86 Tue 14-Jul-15 14:50:36

My dd (12 1/2 months) has uneven leg creases, the hv picked up on it around 10 months she is a tiptoe walker too she only walks around the furniture at the moment. I took her to the gp and he wasn't concerned just said to bring her back in a few months when she's walking, she was a breech baby so had a hip scan at 6 weeks old and everything was fine so I wasn't too concerned. my friend was told the same about her ds leg creases I think the hv's get twitchy about certain things, who has the same creases in both sides anyway? I really hope you're worried for nothing.

Writerwannabe83 Tue 14-Jul-15 17:55:21

Thanks Butterfly,

DS has been walking since he was 11 months (so for 6 months now) and is steady on his feet, walks flat footed etc and the HV did say he looked pretty stable as he walked round.

She checked him by lying him on his back and then lifting his legs up in the 'changing their nappy' and thays when she noticed one of his creases was unequal in that it really pronounced on one leg and barely there on the other.

She went back to her base in the GP surgery and she spoke to the doctor who has said he wants to see DS tomorrow.

I'm glad he's got a quick appointment and all I can do is cross my fingers.

sringinthestep Tue 14-Jul-15 22:35:23

Hi, My daughter had double hip dysplasia, she was diagnosed when she was 2, she walked with a waddle and could not sit crossed legged. I took her to the doctors for a check up, she said she was fine, I asked for a second opinion and she was referred for a scan. It was the scan that picked up on the DDH. Her DDH was corrected and she is fine now. Hope you DS is OK.

mangoespadrille Fri 17-Jul-15 18:32:57

DD had uneven creases and a clicky hip, it was picked up by her NICU consultant when we went for a check up and she was referred for a scan. All was fine but we were told that they are very vigilant as if they catch hip problems before they're 2 they're easy to fix, much more tricky when they've been walking for a while. They're probably just being cautious but if they do find something it's for the best.

noblegiraffe Fri 17-Jul-15 18:35:51

My DD had uneven creases which I noticed at about 7 months. She was referred for an ultrasound. She was massive on the ultrasound table because they were used to babies referred from the 6 week check.

She was absolutely fine, is now 2.5 and no problems.

LittlePink Sat 18-Jul-15 07:46:19

Unequal leg creases can't be looked at in isolation. One in four normal children will have unequal leg creases. The consultant told me that if they're at the front it doesn't mean anything but it can if its at the back. Also there would need to be more clinical signs present such as clicking or clunking hips, a shallowness on the hip scan, unequal leg lengths etc. My Ds was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 4 weeks and by 5 months it had completely resolved itself on its own and was purely developmental. He had unequal thigh creases but no clicking or other clinical signs other than a shallow hip on the scan. Alls fine now.

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