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Toddler whacking and smacking when excited

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WhackBatNatural Sun 12-Jul-15 20:29:37

At wit's end. Feeling very overwhelmed and as though nothing I'm doing is helping him work through this phase. I know it's just a phase but it's absolutely maddening and puts me on the brink.

Basically, DS (2.5) is extremely energetic and demonstrative. He can be sweet as pie and actually quite reasonable with sharing food, toys, etc. with family and his friends (barring the typical toddler possessiveness). He's loud and happy. He's very active and we spend loads of time doing things that release energy - walks, bike rides, scootering, swimming, etc. He's full of cheeky joy and laughter...

He can also become near-crazy with emotion - be it frustration or excitement - and then smack, hit, whack and throw his toys/food or whatever is in his arm range. He also kicks out at us (not necessarily touching the other person/thing but aiming at them, iyswim), which is particularly irritating even though it is humorously reminiscent of Jon Voigt's poor karate chopping skills as the useless dad in 'Ray Donovan'...

We do 1,2,3 then 'alone time' for infractions which is good and he responds to (because he's often wound up when it happens and actually appreciates the timeout - occasionally he'll even put himself into 'alone time' just to hang out in his room with his toys & books!)

We're VERY consistent with him - we're consistent with our interactions as well as all his routines. But the 'alone time' is just not working in regard to this happy smacking/whacking business.

Any ideas?


<contemplates half empty bottle of port>

OwlOffshore Mon 13-Jul-15 10:03:49

I keep on popping back to your thread in case words of wisdom appear!

My elder DS is similar. Throwing is more of a problem for us - quite violent throwing too.

We have had some success by taking a lot of toys away (in the evening so he doesn't see us doing it) and rotating toys every 4 weeks or so, so that there's less stimulation. But we still get the odd period of very bad behaviour.

We also changed his routine a bit so that his TV time is in the afternoon before tea (when the throwing was worse) rather than in the morning (when it was more convenient for me). I think this also helped s little.

OwlOffshore Mon 13-Jul-15 10:13:12

I should add: we definitely haven't cracked it - especially the food throwing. So advice from others would be great too.

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