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Teaching 4yo how to play with 7mo sister

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cantmakecarrotcake Wed 08-Jul-15 20:32:18

DD1 (4yo) loves her 7mo sister to bits. She's just a bit over-excited when playing with her. DD2 is only just sitting so isn't that stable yet so play needs to be a bit gentle.

I found myself getting shouty and cross with her but then figured that I hadn't really taught her things she can do.

We've tried stacking cups and knocking them down - which is fine but DD1 got a bit cross when DD2 knocked it down too soon.

I tried to suggest mirroring type activities - copying DD2's movements and sounds - but with a pretty short attention span (to be fair she'd had a long day)

Other than rolling balls what else can I suggest?

Waggamamma Wed 08-Jul-15 20:46:53

dancing and singing for the baby?

I have 4yr old and 9month old boys. They do play quite rough but ds1 seems to mostly know the limits and ds2 seems to enjoy the rough play grin .

Now he can crawl the race up and down the living room, they play sleeping bunnies pretending to be asleep on the floor and building/knocking over megabloks. Ds1 hides things for ds2 to find.

cantmakecarrotcake Wed 08-Jul-15 21:04:06

Maybe I'm being a bit precious and should let the girls find their own way. Hopefully, once DD2 is sitting more confidently and can crawl (to escape) I'll relax a bit! :-)

I'm just a bit bored of hovering and shouting 'GENTLE' quite so much.

purplemurple1 Wed 08-Jul-15 21:11:13

Mine are 6 and 22 months aside from the toddlers own weird games like getting the little one to pull his hair and poke him in the face ( we play laying together and watching/ counting, lots of hugging and kissing, reading to the baby (well babbling and turning pages),
I stay watching as I need more ideas

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