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Should I let her sleep?

(10 Posts)
kitty1989 Wed 08-Jul-15 12:00:05

My DD had her 16 week vaccinations yesterday afternoon, she had already been having a crappy nap day (total of 3 naps yesterday 30min each instead of 3 totalling about 4 hours), she went to sleep at 10pm - earlier than usual, slept til 3, woke for feed back to sleep til 4, up again at 6 for feed & chat then back to sleep at 7.15.
She is still asleep now.
I'm assuming it's because of the vaccination and catching up on sleep from yesterday but should I wake her or leave her to sleep?

nottheOP Wed 08-Jul-15 12:01:03

Never wake a sleeping baby! But maybe offer a dreamfeed

lexyloub Wed 08-Jul-15 12:09:23

Yes leave her to sleep. My lo had his this morning (even though hes now 20wks )due a feed at 10.30 he's still asleep I'm leaving him to it. He was like this after his previous injections to. Let her sleep it off she'll make up for it later tonight or tomorrow

Eminado Wed 08-Jul-15 12:13:09

For me things like vaccinations and illness are "all bets are off" - in terms if routne - and i always just let my DD sleep as she pleases and suffer the consequences as the grown up

kitty1989 Wed 08-Jul-15 12:16:46

Sods law - as soon as I posted I heard a cry! She's awake & smiley, if a little dopey after nappy change. Just feeding her now so will see how she is after that. I did enjoy my peaceful morning!

Eminado Wed 08-Jul-15 12:18:34

Ha ha ha that's always the way. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

kitty1989 Wed 08-Jul-15 12:31:01

I think it's gonna be one of those days - she's already brought up the majority of her feed ��

Eminado Wed 08-Jul-15 12:56:23

Cuddles on the sofa?

kitty1989 Wed 08-Jul-15 13:17:05

She's doing that now with her daddy as it's his day off! Both happily watching tour de France while I browse spend ALL the money online smile

Eminado Wed 08-Jul-15 17:55:50


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