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reassurance please - is this normal?

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jessica3692 Tue 07-Jul-15 18:39:21

My daughter is 5 months has her first cold and I believe she is teething. She's pooing more (usually poos every few days and now everyday for the past week), rubbing her ear, eating hands and loss of appetite.

I am concerned though because normally by this time she would have had 4-6 feeds. She has only had 2 so far! She had a good feed around 9. Both boobs and lots of milk as they had become egorged. Then her second around 2 and only because I spent ages trying to latch her on and she only had the one boob. Apart from being a bit grizzly and wanting lots of cuddles, she is her general smiley self. Should I be worried about how little she has fed? It's really concerning and scaring me!

AliMonkey Tue 07-Jul-15 18:44:24

Completely normal so don't worry. I think colds in particular can make it uncomfortable for them to feed (as can't breathe well if nose blocked and are busy sucking). If teething be glad you aren't being used to chew on! Just keep offering and I expect you'll get at least one more feed in today (and maybe be kept up half the night to make up for it when she realises she is suddenly very hungry). If goes on for days you can start to worry a it but a day or two won't do any harm.

lexyloub Tue 07-Jul-15 18:46:42

I wouldn't worry just yet we all generally eat less when we're not feeling too good. I'd keep offering every so often even if she doesn't take much just to get fluids in her. You'll probably find tomorrow or maybe the day after she'll be starving. If she's having a little often then don't worry but If she completely refuses anything and isn't getting wet nappies take her to a&e

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