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Hair Today...

(4 Posts)
Popplemama Tue 07-Jul-15 11:53:58

Apologies in advance for such a superficial question but does anyone have any tips for improving the huge amount of hair loss that I'm experiencing four months after having my LO?

I know it's to be expected but I have lost loads and am actually finding it quite upsetting constantly picking big clumps off the sofa/ pillows/ DH's dinner/ the cat!

Combined with inexplicably spotty skin, crumbling nails and the joys of BF bras (and boobs!) I'm starting to feel really down about my appearance (which I know is vain and stupid when you have a lovely baby) so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, x

KatyN Wed 08-Jul-15 06:49:17

My understanding is that it is only the hair that you didn't loose in pregnancy so it's not extra hair you are shedding. However I appreciate it can be a bit crazy!
I bought a LOT of new make up when I was about 8 weeks post birth because I felt grim. Never used it as I was too tired! Maybe have a nice meal with your dh just to remind yourself you can be glam. Then go back to soggy boobs and falling out hair until it gets better.. It will get back to normal!

Roseybee10 Wed 08-Jul-15 09:39:49

I have actual bald patches on my temples :-( skin is a disaster and nails are peeling all over the place. Not BF anymore but boobs resemble deflated balloons.


Popplemama Wed 08-Jul-15 10:53:22

The joys of motherhood! I'll try and take your advice Katy and do something to make myself feel a bit better (something radical like getting round to painting all ten toenails...) but really do feel a bit unhappy in my own skin atm!

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