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Newborn reflux/being sick

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HelenF35 Sun 05-Jul-15 04:31:51

Hi all. I know it's common for newborns to bring up milk and be sick but I am worried about baby choking while sleeping. Up till now it's been small mouthfuls but today it's been more and it's thicker and is more like mucus in consistency. He's been feeding a lot before these episodes, I wonder if he's been taking a bit too much? He's breastfed and 4 days old.He hasn't had any sleep without either his dad or I being awake and watching him, although this is partly because he won't sleep in his cot and I am awaiting a Moses basket mattress being delivered. Does anyone have any advise? TIA

princessvikki Sun 05-Jul-15 09:57:24

I had the same worrys with my dd, the official advice is to put babies on their back to sleep but I always put my dd on her side to avoid choking. The midwife would probably be horrified but the reason for putting them on their back is to avoid their own weight crushing them so I decided being on her side would prevent both

kitty1989 Sun 05-Jul-15 11:04:07

Best thing to do would be to ring your midwife & see what she suggests. Have you been given an any time direct contact number for them? If not call the unit where you gave birth. Congratulations on your new arrival smile x

jenhad84 Sun 05-Jul-15 13:12:46

Hiya I had this problem with both of my twins.

We have one of them on infant gaviscon which has really helped, it didn't suit the other one.

They threw up after every feed and when going to sleep. They always slept on their backs and never chocked, even though they throw up.

After speaking to HV and midwives they just said as long as they put on weight and are generally happy, then it's fine, just carry on and buy lots of bins and muslin cloths!

My DS had to go on gaviscon after a week he was throwing up through his nose and screaming like mad, gaviscon changed him into a happy baby.

It didn't agree with DD but she was never as bad.

We had to wonder how they were putting on so much weight and throwing up so much! But they are completely fine! It wasn't due to over feeding either!

Try not to stres about it, as long as they are happy and putting on weight. They won't choke on their backs, they can turn their head to the side that way.

Apparently it gets better when they are on solids!

lavender20 Mon 06-Jul-15 21:34:08

Totally understand I was in the same situation, I had this tiny baby that appeared to be choking on milk it was awful, she looked so scared. I was terrified. Our doctor and health visitor were more worried about me though, and two doctors assured me she would clear it herself but I just wasn't sure.

Anyway infant gaviscon worked a treat, and as soon as she learnt to cough that helped too.

It doesn't last forever, my girl is still sick a bit after feeds but deals with it better. Once they are upright more it eases too.

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