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advice for an overtired six year old smashing my home up

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chickenfuckingpox Sat 04-Jul-15 19:50:20

ok slight exaggeration about the house smash but he is massively overtired today i told him to go to bed at seven (his usual time for school nights i give him a little longer on weekends)

he has had a really bad day discipline wise and has already had toys removed due to this so bedtime comes and he argues with me constant no and attitude refusing point blank to do what i ask him to do (he has been like this all day touching everything in the shop when i ask him not to pushing his brother over three times in the pool when asked not too running off in a busy town so i chase him and lose my place in the queue) i get him to bed calm him down he asks for warm milk i send that up with my dd (i have three children 15 yr old dd 6yr old ds1 and 2 year old ds2) he throws it at her saying he doesn't want it

he begins kicking his bed loudly and slamming the stair gate around he wants the warm milk back we take it back he slings it down the stairs bangs off again (its seriously loud too i feel sorry for the neighbours listening to him banging the door slamming the stairgate and screeching like he is being slaughtered) this time he is thirsty dd takes him a drink he throws it all over her begins slamming the stairgate again ive now removed the stairgate

any clues what i can do now im loathe to punish him with more toy removal as i think it gets counterproductive when he is tired he is now crying occasionally and bashing things around should i just leave him to wear himself out or is there a better way

ive been consistant with him telling him his behaviour is not appropriate and i will not tolerate it ive not shouted not hit him or anything but ive removed him and put him back in his bed repeatedly he is wearing me out now

sunnydayinmay Sat 04-Jul-15 22:31:45

Does he just want your attention? He clearly doesn't want his sister delivering his milk!

For the sake of tonight, why not go up and just read him a story? Might calm him down, and then start again tomorrow?

AuditAngel Sat 04-Jul-15 22:35:02

I think I would be putting my earplugs in.

chickenfuckingpox Sun 05-Jul-15 08:15:25

i sent his sister up because if i keep going up it strangely aggravates the situation as he is very clingy towards me at bedtime to the point of hanging off me! usually he accepts his sister bringing drinks up as a sign im not giving in and he gives up and goes to sleep last night he was still awake at 9.30 he has woke early again today so im going to have the same trouble tonight!!

he has been up since six thirty and moaning because he wants his electricals back which he lost for behaving so badly yesterday

today is set to be fun isnt it! im thinking long long walk bath story and bed! (i hope)

Artandco Sun 05-Jul-15 08:25:51

I would stop any milk at bedtime, isn't that rotting his teeth at 6 years? Allow a glass of milk downstairs before doing his teeth and into pjs. Then give him a glass of water for next to his bed before bed, so he knows each night he won't be getting any more milk, only water which is already there

chickenfuckingpox Sun 05-Jul-15 10:14:53

he doesn't usually have milk he was complaining he was thirsty and hungry milk is my get out clause as it fills him up otherwise he would be demanding toast biscuits and allsorts before bed (he did eat all his tea)

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