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Keeping babies cool tonight

(4 Posts)
mostlymindblown Wed 01-Jul-15 20:39:20

In this mega heat. How?

Currently got fan going by open door of 9mo DS bedroom to provide indirect air circulation but its still way too hot (monitor is saying 30 degrees but I dont think/hope quite that bad) Window is open behind blackout blind. He's just in nappy.

What else can I do?

Think this may be a looooong night.

Earthbound Wed 01-Jul-15 20:46:49

Friends who live in Oz (no AC) put a damp sheet over their baby to sleep.

But please try not to worry too much. I was so paranoid about overheating when mine were tiny but they survived. Your DS will honestly be fine. It's 30.8 degrees in my DCs bedroom and they've gone to sleep in just their pants. The window is open and I have a fan going. Beyond that there's not much I can do. They're asleep now and don't feel too hot to the touch.

ODog Wed 01-Jul-15 21:33:43

My 1 yo is asleep next to me in just a vest. Last night he was in just a nappy but since we co sleep (by which he takes to mean sleep physically attached to me!) the skin on skin got a bit sweaty and gross. Room temp says 26 on the monitor and he currently seems ok. Ie not sweating and normal temperature to touch.

mostlymindblown Wed 01-Jul-15 21:41:03

Thanks for the sheet tip Earthbound. Might try that later if it doesn't cool down. Baby kept waking so hes currently crashed out on my lap while DH fans us grin.

Might end up feeling like a really long night for him!

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