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Child Arrangements Order - abduction?

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Anon310704 Wed 01-Jul-15 10:17:46

Hi - does anyone out there know what rules are actually in a Child Arrangements Order or is it specific to each case?

I only ask because my partner has such an order in place with her ex over her daughter. There was originally a Residence Order in place favouring her ex, but this was later superseded by the Child Arrangements order, where it was agreed that care would be split 50/50, i.e. one week with them, one week with us, and that decisions made would also need to be 50/50.

When the Residence Order was in place, the other parent could take the child out of the country, e.g. for a holiday, without requesting my partner's permission. However, with the Child Arrangements order now in place, if the child is taken out of the country, without permission, it is now classed as abduction?

Obviously they would not actually be abducting her and would of course return her to the UK, but by the letter of the law, they should request permission. If they did not request permission, they are breaking the law and the order drawn up by the courts?

TheFullMinty Mon 20-Jul-15 23:36:52

Usually any party named on the order can take the child on holiday for up to 30 days without needing permission.

Obviously things work better when there is decent communication and a child centred focus. If you're confident that they would return why are you worried about following things to the letter?

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