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Keeping newborn cool

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Littlepig8834 Wed 01-Jul-15 07:19:44

I'm a new mum and my baby is 10 days old today, any tips on keeping them cool in this heat and what they should be wearing. We need to go out as we have a midwife check today. Last night she slept in a vest and nappy with a light sheet covering her, will she be ok to go out in the same?

Sorry if these are dumb questions, but I'm a typical new mum who is paranoid over her little one!!

MavisDee Wed 01-Jul-15 07:25:58

I used to use a damp cold muslin to fan with and drape over DD, also shoved one in a bag with an ice pack if I had to go out. Worked a treat when we had a long journey in a heat wave a couple of years ago.

princessvikki Wed 01-Jul-15 07:27:21

Yeah that's what I would put her in. Just take an extra layer just in case. All you can do really is keep her in the shade and make sure Shea drinking water as milk to keep hydrated

Lagoonablue Wed 01-Jul-15 07:29:58

My DD was born in a heatwave in 2007. I was so paranoid about her overheating she lived mainly in a nappy. It's fine to take her out just in a little vest but take a thin cover too.

MrsAukerman Wed 01-Jul-15 07:33:04

If she's bf then offer boob often, no water.
If ff you could offer cooled boiled water in between feeds.
Keep her in the shade and if bf keep yourself well hydrated too.

flanjabelle Wed 01-Jul-15 07:34:49

Just make sure she isn't in the sun as you can't use suncream on them when they are that little.

NinjaLeprechaun Wed 01-Jul-15 07:51:47

When my daughter was a baby we lived in an area that is regularly over 30C in the summer. She was born in March, so would have been slightly older than yours when it was so hot. I'd only dress her if we were going out, and then only in one thin layer - usually a light dress, or just a t-shirt. Sometimes a sun hat as well. I'd leave her nappy-less sometimes when we were home, just put a cloth one under her bum. This doesn't work quite as effectively for boys, who have the fire-hose effect. The general rule, as I understand it, is that babies need one more or one less layer than adults - depending if you're trying to keep them cool or warm, so one less layer in this case.
I agree with staying out of direct sun as much as possible, and staying hydrated.

Littlepig8834 Wed 01-Jul-15 08:11:20

Thanks everyone.

Looks like I'm doing the right things, I didn't know about offering them water though, I didn't think you should do that when ff. Unfortunately my milk hasn't come through so having to ff, although as long as she is feeding I am happy.

Newtobecomingamum Wed 01-Jul-15 08:25:07

Great tips above... But please dont ever put a sheet, thin blanket etc to shade over the pushchair/ buggy like lots of people do thinking it keeps the sun out... This can cause temperatures to dramatically ride underneath causing baby to get extremely hot. If you do get a cover etc make sure it's a safety recognised breathable one.

MrsAukerman Wed 01-Jul-15 08:25:26

Only offer water in extreme heat or on medical advice. Make sure you don't fill her up with loads of water so she goes off her milk.

Newtobecomingamum Wed 01-Jul-15 08:28:37

Rise not ride!

sophie150 Wed 01-Jul-15 08:31:56

Newtobecomongamum- I didn't think about this. Do you reckon a Muslin is ok? I have been draping a Muslin over the front although there is air circulating around the bottom and muslin is quite thin?

princessvikki Wed 01-Jul-15 09:52:00

I used to put a muslin a cross the top of my carrycot for shade but a had it from the hood to the handle there was still air flow but it wasn't as hot as this so be really careful. Offering pre boiled water is fine , it was actually a midwife that told me to do it.

Newtobecomingamum Wed 01-Jul-15 10:47:41

No no cover whatso ever unless it's an approved sleep and shade safe one. I read a research piece and article about it and horrified me as I use to use a thin cotton sheet with holes. Temperatures rose dramatically, I can't find the link now as it was a while ago.

They aren't expensive and you can buy sleep safe and shade ones online.

Artandco Wed 01-Jul-15 10:52:32

Never cover Muslim cloth right over pram, what you can do though is use small pegs/ clips or tie it so it goes from shade to handle so raised up, and then fold one side up so its only over the side with direct sun shining through. That way the air can get in one side fully and under the whole thing as not elite a canopy/ umbrella.

I saw a lady with a fleece blanket over baby car seat in pram yesterday! I really wanted to say something but stopped myself as thought it might been seen as rude, but should have mentioned it tbh as she probably didn't know

CarbeDiem Wed 01-Jul-15 10:56:42

It's not a dumb question, so don't think that.
I remember when I had my first in August 95 - it was a ridiculously hot summer. I was waiting for the MW calling before heading off out and had week old Ds ready too.
MW came in, took one look at him and promptly stripped him down to his vest and placed him back in the pram smile She told me to make sure he wasn't in any direct sunlight and keep the pram shaded.

Lagoonablue Wed 01-Jul-15 11:29:42

Shade a babe covers they are called

Newtobecomingamum Wed 01-Jul-15 12:29:25

This piece I read said even with gaps below it and at sides there would still be hot spots where temperatures rised significantly. It's really not worth it, the recommended safety approved covers aren't expensive.

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