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Suspect chickenpox

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jugglingmonkey Mon 29-Jun-15 13:54:49

I took DS to the docs this morning with suspected chicken pox.

The first spots showed yesterday, on the backs of his legs and kind of in the nappy are, def not nappy rash though.

This morning they are a bit more sporadic, knees, gets, shoulders.

Doc wouldn't confirm chickenpox because they're not in the classic chest/back/face area. They haven't blistered yet either but a few of them are developing white heads.

Any medical people out there who have seen this before? Or anyone have this with their children? I'm trying to formulate a plan in case I need to be off work for a week...


jugglingmonkey Mon 29-Jun-15 13:55:25

* knees, feet, shoulders

BadgerFace Tue 30-Jun-15 21:31:59

I took DD to the doctors with spots when she was about 1 and he diagnosed chicken pox without really looking at her. Her spots never blistered so I think she actually had a viral rash at the time and not CP.

If your DS has CP and the spots started yesterday then I think they would have blistered by now. Although even with a viral rash he will probably need 48 hours off childcare if it's nursery/childminder.

From my research at the time spots can (amongst other things) turn into CP, viral rash, hand foot and mouth, slapped cheek and check with a glass for meningitis. I looked at quite a lot of photos on NHS website at the time!!

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