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two issues: PLease help! routine disruption during nursery settling + feeding routine for nursery.

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firsttimer9 Mon 29-Jun-15 09:48:43

Hi everyone,
First time mum here. My husband insists on a weekend away every 2 months. first world problems, right? but still, he "needs" them even when we are not doing brilliantly with money so it's not as cool as you'd expect. wink

Because he has to attend 4 conferences a year, he insists the weekend away he wants to take during our baby's settling in period at nursery will be fine (she will be 6 months at the time). He insists I am being melodramatic insisting she needs the comforts of home on her settling in weekends and it makes no difference to baby as long as she is with us. I s this true?

problem 2: also, she is demand breastfed and she has never taken her milk once every three hours... she does sometimes go three hours without, but she also cluster feeds all the time, especially so she can have her main sleep at night and only wake up once for a feed. i can't expect the nursery staff to feed her 4 times in two hours and then once after another 3 hours... or can I? should i try to get her on 3-hour schedule? i want her to be "easy" baby for them that she is for me as i'm worried if she's a needy eater they won't love her/cuddle her as much... She also hates the bottle. I know she won't starve, but i worry... sad

please let me know if any of you have been through this and how you coped.

fatpony Mon 29-Jun-15 20:28:32

Hi, I wouldn't worry too much about staying at home the weekend during her settling in. My little boy did his settling in in April/May when six months and didn't really seem to notice he was away from us/at nursery and we were away the weekend in between the two settling in weeks. If you don't make it a big deal I'm sure she will be fine smile

Re the feeds are you planning on getting her more on the bottle as that's how they'll give her the milk? Talk to them about it, my nursery were v good at working with us. Also she'll be starting solids presumably so they'll be giving her meals with the others...I found my Ds drinks a bit less milk there than at home but he doesn't seem to mind.

Good luck!

CMOTDibbler Mon 29-Jun-15 20:32:49

I wouldn't worry about the weekends, or getting her on a schedule. My ds had no routine at all, and the nursery staff were happy to feed him EBM on demand.

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