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Lying siblings- how to handle?

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SurlyCue Thu 25-Jun-15 16:32:18

This is ongoing right now as i type.

DSes 10 and 6.

I got an email this morning saying that funds had been added to my playstation wallet (£10) and a game had been purchased (98p) i instantly questioned DS1 as he has done this before, been punished and reimbursed me, and also told him that he cannot do this. he must ask me if he wishes to buy a game as money might be needed for electric or food etc. he agreed, is usually quite reasonable when things are explained to him.

He said it wasnt him, my lie detector is shite tbh and so i doubted myself and asked ds2, even though he has never done this before and i honestly dont think he would know how to do it intentionally. He denied it too. Said it wasnt him he didnt know how to and got upset. So i said that both were banned from tv and PS3 until i got the truth. They went to school, are now back and both still denying it. About 20 mins ago ds2 came down and said "it was me, because i cant read, it was a mistake" (he can read but not well in english). I smelled a rat and asked him why he told me and he said that DS1 told him to come down and say that. I asked if it was the truth and he shook his head no. I called ds1 down and asked what he had said to ds2. He said he just told him to come down and tell the truth. Ds2 still saying he told him what to say and that he didnt buy the game. Both saying it wasnt them. I have made them sit on the sofa until i get the truth. I suspect i will get a "false" confession just to end the punishment.

The whole thing feels ridiculous. How on earth do i deal with this stuff? I cant tell who is lying, ive clearly raised master manipulators hmm what do i do?

SurlyCue Thu 25-Jun-15 18:24:00

Bumping. Ive still had no confession, false or otherwise. Both still blaming the other.

Andro Thu 25-Jun-15 21:01:33

Well, given that they cannot be trusted, I'd remove the PlayStation for the original infraction and think of a sanction they will both hate for the lying...the kind of sanction which will trigger an 'I hate you, why did you do that' type argument.

That way you get the truth (eventually) and can act accordingly, or they stick together (and either they were in cahoots with with each other or their loyalty is impressive). I loath lying, it carries one of the toughest sanctions in my house.

SurlyCue Thu 25-Jun-15 22:52:08

Oh yes the playstation is banned, the controllers are hidden and ive changed the settings so they cant purchase anything of fill up the wallet. It will stay that way until i get an answer.

Ive still had no confession which really isnt like them. I am begining to wonder if DS2 has done it without realising he was purchasing or topping up. It seems odd that £10 would be topped up for a 98p game. DS1 in the past has only topped up what he needed for the cost of the game.

Andro Thu 25-Jun-15 23:28:50

That could explain why you haven't had an answer, it could even explain the odd confession from ds 2 if he didn't really understand what (or how) he did it.

I hope you get an answer soon!

SurlyCue Thu 25-Jun-15 23:58:19

I hope so too! Not sure what sanctions i would feel right putting in place when im not all together sure there is lying going on. I really need to work on my inbuilt lie detector. They will run rings round me otherwise!

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