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Stopping breast feeding

(6 Posts)
C4ALR Wed 24-Jun-15 22:34:48

Hi, I need some advice...
My ds is 18 months old and iv finally decided now is the time to stop breast feeding as he is getting older now. 2 weeks ago i began reducing his feeds, originally I had set a day and decided that was it no more feeds at all, he done very well went all day without too much hard work and distraction then it got to bed time.... I give up I decided maybe we should work on just the day times and going to bed without a feed but carry on through the night for a while.
This is working perfect, 2 weeks later he has a feed first thing in the morning, nothing all day (now he doesn't even attempt to try and have it) and we've even conquered going to bed without being fed to sleep without out a fuss 80% of the time.
During the night if I try to not feed him he literally gets heart broken, cries and cries, so I give in. I don't no how to stop the nights because honestly he goes ballistic until I feed him, not only is he causing himself distress which I don't want he is also waking the whole house and our neighbour sad I do have a dh but he's never done the bedtime thing so it's just alien to him and ds if he tries to settle him.
I need to do this myself but I don't no how???
Any advice mums smile

fustybritches Wed 24-Jun-15 22:38:42

Night weaning, for me, involved 2 nights of Ds going ballistic. I gave him all the comfort he wanted, just not milk. On night 3 he asked but settled after a cuddle. By night 5 he slept through.

I kept morning and bedtime feeds for ages. It's hugely different to feeding on demand during the day, imo. Good luck!

C4ALR Wed 24-Jun-15 22:45:28

Yes I agree, day time I feel is more habit, night time is more comfort. I'm not in to much of a hurry to give up the nights as it doesn't worry me really but obviously I do need to stop some time. I was kind of hoping ds would get use to not going to sleep with a feed so just would learn in time not to wake for one in the night but that's probably wishful thinking x

PuppyMummy Sat 27-Jun-15 22:13:52

I have just stopped bf, ds is 12 and a bit months. I stopped feeding during the night at 10.5 months. I went down to one feed usually between 12-2am, if he woke we just sushed and patted him. It took him about 5 days and then one night he didn't wake.
Agree with what others have said, you will need to keep to your plan and not give in, even if its hard.
in terms of stopping bf totally. o went down to one bedtime feed then went away for 2 nights. he was fine when dh put him to bed with no milk. when I got back dh did one bedtime with me there and he still went down fine.
You could try offering cows milk in a cup instead.

Kiwiinkits Sun 28-Jun-15 22:48:28

Does he have a comfort object? If not, it can be really useful for them to have a special blanket or toy that's always in their bed for night time comfort.

No other advice other than going cold turkey will be better for you in the long run so stick it out. Just offer cuddles at night, not boob. He'll accept it in a few days.

cornflakegirl Sun 28-Jun-15 22:52:32

We used No cry sleep solution to night wean at 16m (still feeding morning and evening). It probably took about a month, but it worked for us because I couldn't hack the cold turkey option.

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