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Not back to birth weight 4 weeks tomorrow

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Racheyg Wed 24-Jun-15 09:33:36

My ds2 is 4 weeks tomorrow and still hasn't regained his birth weight.

He is born via c section and weighed 9lb 14 (4.49kg). I didn't have GDD just a big baby.

He dropped 10% on day 8 then dropped a further 4oz 2 days later. He got weighed again at 13 days and hadn't put any weight on. The midwife called peads and they advised top up with formula I was t keen so only give 3oz formula after bf 1 time a day in the evening.

He got weighed again yesterday 25 days and he had put on 4oz. Should I do more formula top ups? I tried expressing but I'm lucky to get 2oz throughout the day.

He is very alert plenty of wet and dirty nappies can hold head up. I feed constantly on demand and never goes 2hrs without a feed. Always offer boob rather than wait for him to tell me (ie crying or rooting)

I don't have a latch issue and milk pours out. I hear him gulping/swallowing so I know he is getting milk.

I just never had a weight issue with ds1 and could do with some advise as hv and midwife aren't that helpful

Thanks x

RevoltingPeasant Wed 24-Jun-15 09:41:56

This happened to DD and I did exactly the same as you - some small formula top ups early on, then knocked that on the head.

DD regained birth weight just after 4w mark and has been steadily tracking a centile ever since - the 2nd, as she's quite small!

If you think he's okay I'd leave for,another couple of weeks. Not all babies conform to their charts, plus they are skewed by ff babies.

samalulu Wed 24-Jun-15 13:41:38

Hello there, this sounds familiar! Also had a CS baby who didn't keep up with the charts! Had a sensible paed who suggested BF then top up with aptamil afterwards until they'd fattened up a bit. HV etc just annoying as was midwife. Also kept them in BF position to give bottle and used closer to nature bottles. No problem with switching between BF and formula. It's really common - remember no one knows baby as well as you!smile

Racheyg Wed 24-Jun-15 15:06:59

Thanks for your replies.

I guess I was just hoping for a larger gain as he eats so well.

I would love to drop the ff but my oh thinks I'm crazy and would like me to give more as I spend a lot of time feeding.

Ds2 must be a slow gainer xx

chumbler Wed 24-Jun-15 18:11:50

the more ff you give the less your milk supply. if you can, I'd just sit and feed solidly day and night for a week to up your supply. it might be frustrating but if you want to bf I think that's what you'd have to do at first. remember the baby needs to suckle to stimulate your supply too - so not just feeding but actually be on your breast most of the time. so I'd cut ff and expressing

waterrat Wed 24-Jun-15 18:31:43

Have you tried breastfeeding and bottle board? Lots of really knowledgeable people ....I think there is a lack of faith in breastfeeding among hv and medical staff sometimes. might be good to speak to people who are more supportive and will have seen lots of breastfed babies

Most women in the UK do not ebf for long so health professionals are not used to seeing it

samalulu Wed 24-Jun-15 22:25:27

I found ff hard but because I struggled with the whole CS thing and felt like a bit of a failure because of it really. Stupid I know and crazy in hindsight. My LO was breech and only coming out the sun roof! Not in anyway suggesting you feel similar... but just sending you a wave as you sound like you're doing brilliantly. flowers I think I was under sofa arrest feeding for blimmin ages with both mine! Kick back and enjoy sitting down, not much chance of that with a 2 & 4 year old now!

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