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Talk me through a day on the life of your 2.7 year old

(20 Posts)
milkyman Mon 22-Jun-15 17:16:37

I sometimes wonder if I am doing the right things. Today we did:

6.45 - wake up and breakfast
cbeebies and general playing
9.30 - playgroup
11.45 - lunch and playing with a cousin
3pm - garden play
3.15 - quiet time (cbeebies)
4.00 - books, playdough
4.30 - tea
5.00 - milk, cbeebies and some playing
6.10 - bath, story, bed - usually asleep by 6.45

I always feel guilty about the cbeebies bit...

BotBotticelli Mon 22-Jun-15 18:41:26

Hi Milkyman waves! I remember you from lots of other threads when our DS's were younger. My little boy is now 2.6yo. He is in nursery 4 days per week cos I work but on my day off/weekends our days look like this:

0630 - wake up (on a bad day it's 0550, bleeeee!). Cuddles and reading books in mummy and daddy's bed for 10 mins.
0700 - breakfast and then playing
0830 - I get bored of playing with him and need to get ready for the day so put CBeebies on
0930 - out the house for playgroup, or a trip to the shops, or the park or whatever
1100 - back home, he potters about or watches Beebies again whilst I make lunch
1200 - lunch, then playing/stories
1300 - nap for one hour
1430 - put somewhere for the afternoon: play date at a friends house, trip to local park, errand to shops, library etc
1600 - home, Cbeebies or a Disney film on for an hour whilst I cook dinner.
1700 - dinner
1730 - playing, TV off
1830 - bath with toys
1900 - stories and cuddles
1930 - usually asleep by 1930.

So to answer your question: very similar especially in terms of CBeebies being used a different points throughout the day. Nowt wrong with that, if it's part of a varied day that also includes outings, reading, playing with toys and with you.

Do you have a little baby as well if I remember last time I saw you post you were pregnant?? I am 35 weeks now and am sure DS1's CBeebies consumption is gonna go through the roof when his little brother arrives soon and we reduce his days at nursery to 3.

SpottyTeacakes Mon 22-Jun-15 18:47:30

We are worse but with Nick jr grin

This is what we did today:

6am wake up
Breakfast in front of TV
7:30 get dressed brush teeth
Play with big sister
8:10 walk dd to the bus
8:20 get home have second breakfast whilst watching TV
Help me with the washing/tidying
9:30 drive into town run errands go to costa lots of walking
11:30 home. Play before lunch
12:00 lunch time
12:45-1:45 nap time
2-3 play outside
3:10 get dd from the bus
3:30 listen to dd read to us all grin
4:00 TV for an hour whilst I sort dinner, usually playing at this time
5:00 dinner time
6:00 get ready for bed
6:15 upstairs to bed.

Not very productive grin weather has been rubbish.

neversleepagain Mon 22-Jun-15 20:31:54

My twins are 2.9. Today looked like this...

I woke them at 8:20am (I know, I am lucky!)
Got them dressed and went downstairs
8:30am breakfast and milk
Then cbeebies on while I hang out washing, tidied up after breakfast and got myself dressed
9:45am left for playgroup
12pm, back from playgroup
Lunch and play in the garden
1pm-2:45pm nap
3pm snack
Their friends came round for a play date until 4:30pm, normally cbeebies is on!
Dh home and took dc for a ride on their balance bikes to the park while I cooked dinner
5:30pm we all ate dinner together
6:15pm bath, milk, teeth, stories
7pm bedtime

This is pretty much a typical day for us.

DeathMetalMum Mon 22-Jun-15 20:41:10

Today with 2.3 year old -

Up 6.30
Get dd1 ready for preschool and go there and back in the puschchair
9.30 play and tv (I guess dp had dd whilst I shopped)
11.30 Get dd1 from preschool
12.30 lunch
1pm out to softplay
4pm snack
4.30 ish tv and play/read Tv is on in the background but we get on with stuff around it too.

Tomorrow we will spend about 30 minutes in the house in the morning and then lunch rest of the day we will be out and about at playgroup/libray song time/park. Probably a similar amout of cebebies here maybe slightly more but then some days dc don't watch any at all. I also have a 4 year old so we have to get out and do stuff in the afternoon, or they spend the afternoon arguing.

NoraRobertsismyguiltypleasure Mon 22-Jun-15 20:46:13

My DD is 2.8 yrs and her days run something like this:

6.15/30 wake up, snuggle for 10 mins.
7.00 Breakfast
7.30 3 episodes of one of her programmes e.g Peppa, Timmy or Thomas
7.45 tv off and try to persuade to get dressed
8.30 Get dressed
8.45ish! Downstairs and play whilst I feed the dog, put washing on.
9.30 Take dog out for a walk.
10.00/15 Have a snack, then play or do a crafty thing/go to playgroup.
12.30 Lunch
1.30 Go to park, play in garden, read books, water play etc
Around 3ish she often goes to sleep if we're in the car otherwise it's more playing, reading. If the weather is rubbish I will probably resort to tv for 30 mins as she would be whingy by this time.
5.30 Tea
6.30/7 bath and bedtime routine.
Asleep by 7.30/8.

I don't like relying on tv too much as the more I use it the less able she is to entertain herself. Since the weather has been better I have cut down on the tv and she is far better at making up stuff.

HeyMicky Mon 22-Jun-15 20:48:51

DD is 2.7. At nursery three mornings a week, but Thursday looks like:

6.30 Up and dressed
7.00 Breakfast
7.30-9.30 Inside play before 9 then turfed out into the garden
10-11.30 Toddler group
12.00 Lunch
1-2.30 Nap
Afternoon errands, library, then play
5.30 Dinner
6.00 Bath then Peppa and Bing
6.45 Upstairs for stories and bed

Fridays we have swimming in the morning and ballet in the afternoon, Saturday rugby in the morning but it looks much like Thursday otherwise

Artandco Mon 22-Jun-15 20:50:23

My youngest is a little older now but Sameroutine . Our routine has also started and finished later. Typical day not working is:
- 8.30am wake
-8.30-9.30 dress/ eat/ get ready
-9.30-12.30 outside somewhere, park/ swimming/ museum
-1pm lunch and play
-2-4pm nap
-4-6pm play alone/ with sibling whilst I work
-6-7pm outside again, on bike/ scooter/ with ball
-7-8pm play indoors
-8pm dinner
9pm bed

LovelyWeatherForDucks Fri 26-Jun-15 19:52:04

Today with DS 2.7 went like....(disclaimer, I'm 35 weeks pregnant, it's hot and I ache!)
7am wake up, play upstairs while we all get ready, have some milk
8am drop daddy at train then have breakfast (toast)
9.15 go to toddler music group
11am play at home, got paddling pool and sandpit out, made some lollies to go in freezer for later
12pm lunch (cheese,mackerel,tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, some wotsits)
1pm leave for toddler group, left early so he could nap before we went in (sat in car and caught up on emails!)
3pm home, played trains, watched se diggers on iPad, ate a homemade Ribena lollies
5pm had another lollie alongside (!) tea of sausages, mash and peas
6pm upstairs to get ready for bed, quiet time
7.30pm finally asleep!

Roseybee10 Sat 27-Jun-15 11:23:18

Dd1 is 2.9.
Typical day is.

7.30 - up and breakfast. Nick junior while I feed baby.
8.15 - helps me with chores and tidying while baby naps.
9.00 - everyone dressed and stories or playtime on iPad together
10.00 - she plays with her sister on the mat while I make snacks.
10.30 - bit more TV while I get myself ready and put washing away which she usually helps me with.
11.30 - feed baby while we read or watch something together
12- lunch
1- we usually go out to shops, for a walk, park, play date, tea and cake etc.
4pm we usually come home and baby naps while dd has some quiet time and a snack and then helps me makes the dinner.
6pm we eat then have some family play time
7pm - stories, teeth brushed and jammies then light out by 7.30.

CelibacyCakeAndFuckThePO Sat 27-Jun-15 11:50:34

I feel depressed and a really shit mum reading this.

7.00 - up and breakfast with Mr Tumble
7.15 - cuddles while I have coffee
7.30 - shower/dressed/teeth
8.00 - DD (11) to school
8.15 - home, tv on, more coffee for me. DS plays while I I internet.
9.00 - housework, DS will play inside or in garden (door open so he can do as he likes)
10.30 - cuddles and another coffee for me.
11.00 - play, housework for me.
12.00 - lunch
12.30 - tv
1.00 - the park, or a walk
3.00 - school run
3.30 - home and I make snacks while he plays (usually outside)
4.30 - prep for tea
5-5.30 - tea, The Chase
6.00 - more play, usually outside
6.30 - bath
7.00 - story and bed

This is a typical example, we don't go to playgroup but we do see family and friends every now and then.

I'm in a rut. When DD was this age we did an activity a day. Now it's an activity twice a week and normally just him and me.

This has made me so annoyed with myself.

Roseybee10 Sat 27-Jun-15 12:32:45

I feel the same Cake!!
I don't do enough activities with dd1 but trying to juggle housework and a four month old in a tiny flat where it's no easy to get out in garden just makes is so difficult.

CelibacyCakeAndFuckThePO Sat 27-Jun-15 12:53:49

I know they say "housework will still be there" and my house is far from pristine, but I'm a lone parent and if I let one bit slide the knock on effect is a nightmare.

Plus, I find toddler groups tedious
I do like soft play though. I'm going to try and take him regularly. Also swimming. If we can go once a week, that's better than what we currently do.

We have a huge back garden and lots of outdoor toys, so he's stimulated and we do talk constantly, discuss plants/animals/birds. So it's not all bad. But in comparison to DD, I'm rubbish sad

LosingNemo Sat 27-Jun-15 13:41:21

Ok, so compared to all of you I'm awful, but I have made peace with myself...

5.00-5.30 Children wake up. Drat them. Feed DD (7mo). DS 2.5 watches TV until a less ungodly hour. I try to be a close to sleep as possible without being criminally negligent.
7.00 breakfast. Telly still on in living room wasting resources while we sit in kitchen.
7.30 Get everyone dressed (telly probably STILL on. Must remember to turn it off... DS plays with his cars
8.30 tidying / nursery drop off / DCs play.
9-11.30. Out doing something. Usually meeting friends or doing a shop or something. Never ever soft play because I can't bear it. Might do zoo or something if I feel up to it.
11.30-12.30 lunch, telly to calm wildling DS down.
12.30-2.30 nap - HOPEFULLY, please god
Afternoon - play in garden or in house depending on weather. Something crafty once in a blue moon. Lasts about 10 mins. Gah!
4.30-5 ish. Tea.
5-6.30 telly (to be fair DS plays but the TV is definitely on...)
6.30 bath, books, bed.

LosingNemo Sat 27-Jun-15 13:44:17

Just read this back. I sound dreadful. To clarify I do actually interact with my children a lot more than it sounds!

slightlyconfused85 Sun 28-Jun-15 07:15:04

Replace your second stint of cbeebies with ben and holly or peppa pig and our day looks pretty much the same! If he doesn't nap ( dd doesn't she's same age) they need a bit of quiet time and small amounts of TV are fine imo.

CakeRattleandRoll Sun 28-Jun-15 17:28:06

On non-nursery days, DS's day might be:
6:45 Wake up, milk.
7 Play with cars while I have breakfast, get dressed, do washing, chores, etc.
8 DD (5 months) wakes up, feed her, then get them both dressed and DS's breakfast.
9:30 Walk to shops.
11 Home. Snack. DD feed and nap (on me) whilst DS watches tv - keeps him quiet.
11:45 Gardening. DS makes mud pies helps.
12:30 Wash and change muddy clothes. Lunch.
1 Play with cars, while I have lunch and cuppa and try to avoid having to play cars
2 Everyone naps (if my lucky stars have all aligned)
4 Snack. Play with cars.
5 Feed DD whilst DS watches tv.
5:30 DH home and plays kicking the ball with DS whilst I start dinner.
6:15 Dinner, bath, jammies, teeth, stories, cuddles.
7:30 Bed

He does have lots of other toys, but the current car obsession shows no signs of abating.

RatOnnaStick Sun 28-Jun-15 17:46:06


6-7am - wake up, breakfast, dressed etc
8-9am - school run
9am-12pm - activity (swimming, toddler group, park, relatives, shops etc)
12pm-2pm ISH - lunch, nap (not always in that order)
2-3pm - play at home
3-4pm - school run
4-5pm - play at home with his brother
5-6pm - dinner
6-6.45pm - play, tv
6.45pm - 7.30pm - bath when needed, stories, bed etc
7.30pm - 9pm - climb out of bed, ransack clothes drawers, rake stuff out from under the bed, sing, rattle the door gate, read story books to himself...
9pm(ISH) - fall asleep kneeling on the floor leaning on his bed or sideways over his pillow or half under the bed...

Something tells me its time to drop the lunchtime nap sad

AngelDog Mon 06-Jul-15 00:37:59

No specific timings but something like:

7.30 Get up
Play with 5 y.o. DS1
Have breakfast
More play with DS1
10.30-11 Go out somewhere interesting, or to shops
12ish Home for lunch
1ish Nap
2ish I sort a few household things; boys play together
3ish Go out again as above or occasionally play with them at home
5-6 Cook dinner while boys play
6ish eat dinner
7.30-8ish bedtime (too late).

Superking Tue 07-Jul-15 08:47:29

Pretty similar to everyone else, only have DS 2.2:

7am wake up

7-9.30 potter, cbeebies, breakfast, get dressed etc
9.30- 11.30 usually out at a group or go to the gym (so DS in crèche). Run errands, shopping etc
11.45 lunch followed by more pottering/ cbeebies/ reading
13.00 nap
15.00 up from nap. If weather ok will go to park or play in garden. If not might go to a cafe, library, drawing, play doh
17.00 tea followed by more garden/ pottering/ cbeebies depending on weather and morale!
19.00 bath, story etc
19.45 bed

This is a standard day but usually once or twice a week we will do something a bit more interesting - soft play, beach, farm, play date etc. About once a fortnight we have a vegging day where the cbeebies and mumsnet quota is upped dramatically!

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