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Anyone else struggle to get their toddler to leave the house and when you're out do they always want to be back home?!

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milkyman Sun 21-Jun-15 11:07:10

My ds (2.7 yr) has started constantly saying, "I want to go home"when we r out. He used to love going out but now I find he days endless wuth him. sad

milkyman Sun 21-Jun-15 17:50:59


Jen1610 Sun 21-Jun-15 17:54:35

Yip my 2 and a half year old son loves being at home. My friends son does too. My girls were never like that. Maybe its a boy thing.

silverstreak Sun 21-Jun-15 17:55:46

Yep - dd (2.3) is like this lately! Annoying isn't it?! However as long as there's enough interesting activities/distractions throughout the day we're fine.... I have yet to capitulate! I've found that what she normally means when she asks to go home is just that she's bored/had enough of the current activity so it's time to move on to something else.... Probably just lack the imagination/mental resource at this age to suggest anything other than that which they're most familiar with??

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