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struggling with play ideas for my kids

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Harriet220909 Fri 19-Jun-15 13:12:20

They are nearly 2 and 6.
Struggling with ideas of playing with both at the same time due to age difference
The youngest isn't really into paint/ playdoh etc
Board games are a big no at the min due to the baby pulling them apart!
Help I am really useless at coming up with ideas one on one I'm great but the 2 together I struggle to entertain them both

Cedar03 Fri 19-Jun-15 13:19:25

How about building a camp - gather together all the bits needed, get a couple of chair or a clothes airer (we've got one that is great for this) and put a blanket over the top. Camp is inside. If you've got play food they can 'cook' you a meal.

Play 'schools' with toys. Bigger child could be the teacher. 'Teach' younger child and the toys.


If you have a big box handy you could build a house with it. Cut out a hole for a window.

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