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What age do they stop tantruming?

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GirlInterupted Thu 18-Jun-15 20:35:57

Dd is 5 and has a couple of major meltdowns every week.
She screams and hits out. She won't stay on the naughty step or in her room so I've started removing myself to my bedroom and locking the door until she stops. She will kick the door and scream for a good 20 minutes though.

I've been doing a reward chart with her and I've also been teaching her how to do deep breathing when she is cross. It's helped a bit but the tantrums still happen.

tinybitmad Mon 22-Jun-15 21:50:10

Tantrums are just frustration - perhaps try communicating with her when these things happen. Sit on the floor and say, ok, i'm listening, what's the matter? Personally i have never used the naughty step, but that's a parenting decision, each to their own! i know some people that do and it works for them.

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