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What do I need for UK beach holiday with 16 month old

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boopdoop Thu 18-Jun-15 00:51:04

Going on hol in July with my 16 month old DS, and also have my 3 month old nephew coming too. What do we need to think about taking? All I can think of so far is a UV tent/shelter thing for beach and bucket and spade!

All the usual packing to go away stuff is fine, it's just specifically things we'd find helpful for the beach etc. Like what shoes would anyone recommend for on the beach for my DS? I guess he can be barefoot some of the time but will need something if it's a bit pebbly etc...

Thanks in advance!

CaurnieBred Thu 18-Jun-15 01:21:52

A shortie wet suit - not just one of those UV suits. It def keeps them a bit warmer. You can get water shoes at Sports Direct for a few pounds which are great for when the beach is a bit pebbly.

Expect that they might get bored quite quickly though - don't expect to spend the whole day on the beach: we found holidays were a bit different for the first few years.

Talcum powder for when you come off the beach - great for drying off the sandy bits - sprinkle on, rub in and the sand should fall away making shoes much easier to put on.

redcaryellowcar Thu 18-Jun-15 05:38:09

Ideally something to stop them eTing the sand??
We took (for 15m old) a little ball to kick about some plastic cars to drive around our little sand castles, a mat or two to sit on, we have picnic rugs that roll out and are plastic backed.
Sun cream, sun umbrella maybe? Def beach shelter. Hats for both dc.
Ds has little wetsuit style beach shoes. I agree with pp suggestion of shorty wetsuit.

Compositedilemma Thu 18-Jun-15 05:51:13

A hat that covers their ears.

Waterproof sandals for wading.



Uv lip balm

After sun/sudocrem

Fishing net.

Swim nappies

Beach ball

Cool bag with ice packs



Water bottles with easy drink caps

Arm bands and blow up ring

A little boat

alwaysabattle Thu 18-Jun-15 07:11:01

Crocs are amazing for the beach

Bedsheets4knickers Thu 18-Jun-15 08:33:47

If the 3 month old is formula fed you'll need a flask for hot water . Also I took a insect net to put over push chair because I'm obsessed about wasps x

Hobby2014 Thu 18-Jun-15 08:42:02

Watching with interest as next weekend off on holiday with a 10month old.

Seeline Thu 18-Jun-15 08:46:25

My DD hated the beach at that age until I realised she was cold!
She hated sitting on the sand because that was cold too.
So she used to wear uv suit (just in case it got really hot!), shroty wet suit, and a fleecy top over that. As long she could sit on a mat/towel she was happy.

Kent1982 Fri 19-Jun-15 19:23:50

When I was little parents dug a hole in sand lined it with tarporlin put stones round the side ta da, paddling pool. Apparently we were the envy of the beach people waited to us to leave together spot but dad folded it up and took it with us.

Anyway I just took 3 month away to sea side and managed great with his travel cot

boopdoop Fri 19-Jun-15 19:37:38

Thanks everyone, really helpful advice. Much appreciated. x

ch1134 Fri 19-Jun-15 20:26:44

I grew up by the beach, visit regularly now with my kids, and my nieces and nephews live there. You don't need much. Common sense is all.
A towel. Suncream. Hat. Swimsuit and swim nappies unless thet'd rather be naked.
We used to play a game as kids. It sounds mean now, but we could always spot the tourists. Here was how: their kids weren't allowed to do anything ('stop eating sand!', 'come back here!', 'don't touch that!'). They had loads of equipment - buckets, spades, windbreaks, inflatables, bodyboards. It looked cumbersome and stressful. They wore too much: socks and shoes on the beach!
We had a packed lunch, sandy hair and scraped knees. And huge smiles. Relax, don't burn, and enjoy. Sand is harmless. A day at the beach should be fun.

Hobby2014 Fri 19-Jun-15 20:49:11

ch1134 - that sounds perfect.

Artandco Fri 19-Jun-15 20:51:35

Uk? A coat

byhec Fri 19-Jun-15 20:53:14

All of the above plus waterproofs and wellies...

Magicalmrmistofeles Fri 19-Jun-15 20:55:43

Holidays with under 4s esp uk is same shite, different location. Mine were terrified of sand on their first holiday....

boopdoop Sat 20-Jun-15 08:37:03

Thanks, and yes, I'm pretty realistic about holiday with little one not really being a holiday! Took me forever to book anywhere cause all I wanted to do was lie by a pool in the sun in Spain for a week but obviously can't do that so had no inspiration for anything else! But finally booked a massive house near the beach, so we can go and play for a bit but it's not far to wander home when DS gets fed up! Apparently I hated sand when little so we'll see what he's like... Thankd for the tips of things to take, and the reminders to just of and have fun without carrying a million things - hopefully we can strike a good balance!

knittingbee Mon 22-Jun-15 12:15:53

My kids LOVE the water. I also grew up by the beach but sadly a pebbly one sad we often go to where DH grew up, which has gorgeous sandy beaches, and we take:

Shorty wetsuit
Bucket and spade
Sun cream
Snacks and water

And the dog.

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