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4 year old is jealous of male babies?

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RachaelC89 Wed 17-Jun-15 18:14:00

I'm really worried about my daughter Emily ,she seems to be jealous of male babies and toddlers. My friend recently had a little boy and when we were visiting him I offered to change his nappy. Emily came over to me and pointed at his bits and then said "I'm supposed to have that mummy"! She also wants boy clothes and short hair. I have no problem with this at all but it's the jealousy of little boys I'm worried about, she seems really upset that she wasn't born a boy, how can I help her?

Booboostoo Wed 17-Jun-15 18:59:37

On the assumption that you are serious...
Penises are more evident than vaginas so it's not unusual for little girls to comment on them including expressing a desire to have one. My 4yo DD has also said she wants a penis like my DS all in the context of taking about differences between girls and boys.

I would not read anything into it. Let her style her hair how she wants and wear whatever she wants, I don't think she needs help.

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