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Your 5 year old's bedtime routine

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Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Fri 12-Jun-15 14:01:28

DSS is 5 and a half and will stay with us over night for the first time this weekend (long and complex back story but all moving in the right direction). we have of course asked his mum what his bedtime routine involves so that we can ensure a sense of continuity and we have also agreed that he will call his mum and grandma (who also lives with them) in the evening to say good night and also in the morning to say hi, but I'm also interested to see what some of your bed time routines are. Could you share with me? Many thanks in advance!

IUseAnyName Sun 14-Jun-15 20:49:18

Hi, my son is 5. He goes to bed at 7:30pm. He has had a bedtime story sonce he was very young, this is the only regular thing really.
Brush teeth, get undressed, in to bed, read story, have a chat for 5 mins about random stuff normally! Leave him to fall asleep x

CheekyNanKnows Sun 14-Jun-15 20:55:10

645 upstairs for shower or wash. In bed for 7pm ish. 15mins reading stories then cuddles and chat. Lights out by 730pm.

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