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Best remedies for wind?

(5 Posts)
lexyloub Fri 12-Jun-15 10:01:24

Ds is 15wk for the past week or so he's not been enjoying a bottle at all he's crying and going rigid only a few mouthfuls in. He's never been a windy or sicky baby til now he takes ages to get any wind up I can tell it's hurting him. It's taking an hour just to get half a bottle down him. He's sleeping fine and isn't crying when he's awake it's only when he's feeding does he seem to be agitated. Any suggestions?

cowbiscuits Fri 12-Jun-15 11:10:16

Have you looked into baby massage? Rubbing their tummy in circular motion and doing the bicycle legs is good for getting gas out. And putting them on their tummy.

I don't know much about bottle feeding but could it be something to do with the teat? Sounds like he's swallowing more air maybe?

Jenny1231990 Fri 12-Jun-15 11:19:58

My dd is only 3weeks old but giving her a little infacol before her bottle helps her bring it up. Maybe give it a try
Also gripe water helps once they are over a month old.
Down the same aisle as calpol Hun

Horrible when you can see they are hurting. All the best x

ODog Sun 14-Jun-15 14:16:36

Gripe water was the only hung that ever helped my LO. Just gave it to him whenever he seemed in pain with wind and he seemed to calm down within minutes. Old fashioned but worked. Also, you may need to try a faster/slower flowing teat. I'm not sure what would be best at that age as my DS was bf until 5mo and then needed a slow flow teat to mimic bf as he was gagging on a fast flow. He is 12mo and only has a size 2 teat now. However, lots if friends who ff went up to fast teats pretty quickly as the slow flow were frustrating their LO and causing them to take down air. Not sure if either of these scenarios are relevant...?

lexyloub Sun 14-Jun-15 14:53:14

He's on the size 2 teats I'll try a the next size up. I've been giving him a bit of infacol that's helped a little but he's still crying a bit and it takes ages for him to take the bottle

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