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4 week old with reflux & colic? cries all day and have 3 year old too. Words of wisdom and reassurance please.

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sharond101 Tue 09-Jun-15 22:31:41

My 4 week old baby (DD) has been diagnosed with reflux. I have a feeling colic is an issue too as lots of crying associated with passing wind. She sleeps, eats and cries. When she is awake she is either feeding (bf) or crying and I have no idea what to do with her as she cries when held and screams when put down. She is on gaviscon and started ranitidine yesterday. I have a 3 yr old DS who I seem to say all day "In a minute" or "When your sister finishes her milk" or "If your sister goes to sleep." I have so little oppportunity to play with him or be with him. DD seems to catnap then wake up in pain so sleep is short and not enough to do a proper activity with DS. We also find it hard to get out and about as DD feeds every 2 hours or so and takes ages to feed and if she is awake screams when we are out and about. I have tried wearing a babybjorn carrier around the house to free me up to play more but after a few minutes she cries again. The bouncy chair has no appeal nor does a baby beanbag. I need help, advice and reassurance please.

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