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Effective Communication

(8 Posts)
KateD86 Mon 08-Jun-15 18:33:12

I need a way to effectively communicate with DS, he is only 4 months old, but at times I feel that I am not able to communicate or convey to himconfused. Is there any suggestions that you have, which may aid me?
Thank you

Tequilashotfor1 Mon 08-Jun-15 18:34:32

Communicate what? Are you smiling at him?

PowderMum Mon 08-Jun-15 19:37:48

I used to talk to my DD1, about what we were doing etc. she seemed to respond

longlistofexlovers Mon 08-Jun-15 19:42:49

He'll respond to tone. I said 'please go the fuck to sleep' in a sing song voice constantly.

KateD86 Tue 09-Jun-15 16:44:27

Just understand if he is hungry, etc and I oppose swearing in front of my kids I am sorry but thats just wrong, I understand tone works but language matters too doesn't it, why did you feel the need to do this?
@PowderMum by respond how did you pick up this bond and how did she respond.

longlistofexlovers Tue 09-Jun-15 17:35:36

You didn't get the humour in my post at all, did you?

Tequilashotfor1 Tue 09-Jun-15 17:50:36

this is a lovely poem

Honestly op it really doesn't matter what you say or what language you use at this age as long as your tone of voice and facial expressionsc are kind and loving.

Smile a lot.
Make eye contact
Listen for hungry cries, sleep cries, I need a cuddle cries. They sound slightly different.

He is not going to sit up and point to a bottle and say " I'm starving - pass the cow juice over 'ere mam'

He will respond my smiling back if you smile, giggle if you kiss his toes. You Should be able to feel if he is happy.

You could say here have some cat food and wave a bottle of milk and he will just think 'great - lunch'

You can start baby sign language now which is actually really effective for them to communicate to you later on.

Sounds like you need to chill out. wine

redexpat Mon 15-Jun-15 19:56:33

Baby signing might help put your mind at ease. Any classes near you?

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