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Thick question alert; how do I do a word count on this damned essay I am writing??

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moondog Mon 13-Nov-06 15:16:32

Have reluctantly had to do away with my quill and parchment.....

LadyVickyOfBeckinghamPalace Mon 13-Nov-06 15:17:10

Tools, wordcount. should do it

CountessDracula Mon 13-Nov-06 15:18:40

NONO you print it off and count them by hand

moondog Mon 13-Nov-06 15:19:11

Twas a piece of piss.
500 words already!
1500 to go.....

Thank you Vickers.

nailpolish Mon 13-Nov-06 15:20:10

whats the essay MD

beckybrastraps Mon 13-Nov-06 15:20:24

My problem is always cutting DOWN to the word limit...

moondog Mon 13-Nov-06 15:22:50

I have to consider experimental analysis of behaviour,applied behaviour analysis and service delivery. Are these domains valid and important?
How does the philosophy known as 'Radical Behaviourism' inform the other three domains?
Are tyhese domain distinctions valid and important?

Well you did ask NP.....

Am up against thrusting young things barely out of their teens.

Hah! I can take it!

CountessDracula Mon 13-Nov-06 15:24:05

Could you not just put

It doesn't

and go to the pub

Tsk, call yourself a student!

nailpolish Mon 13-Nov-06 15:25:13


moondog Mon 13-Nov-06 15:25:50


Would be out on my ear.

Listen,people fly in from Ireland every week to take part in lectures and have f/t jobs and families.

I have no excuse,living 20 mins from campus and generally wasting my life fucking about on MN...

nailpolish Mon 13-Nov-06 15:35:12

moondog i fear you may have to change your name

i keep typing and reading 'mooncup' by mistake

lol @ CD

and MD, do you really use the word 'splendid' in rl? oh please say yes

moondog Tue 14-Nov-06 00:09:21

Yes, I do use 'splendid' rather a lot in an arch and ironic fashion NP.

No doubt people whisper 'twat' under their breath a lot when I leave a room...

Essay 80 % there.

Will now collapse in an exhausted heap in readiness for another attck tomorrow,

hamstermunker Tue 14-Nov-06 00:37:16

I use "splendid" too. And "marvellous" and, lately, "genius". I've decided that language is something that just happens to me

MD, I have wordcount set up as a shortcut on my PC so that I just press CTRL and the fullstop together and it brings up the screen for me. Tis handy to have and instantly inspirational and depressing by turn, depending how the writer's block's going

TopEssayServices Thu 09-Aug-18 11:55:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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