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Entertaining toddler while preschooler has chicken pox - ideas please!

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happygelfling Sun 07-Jun-15 23:37:06

I have a 3.5yo DD with chicken pox. She's normally very physical and active, but she was feeling really poorly today and I expect she would happily happily spend tomorrow in front of the TV.
I also have an 18mo DS who is even more physically active. No sign of chicken pox (yet).
We can't go to our usual groups tomorrow with chicken pox, and probably can't really go out at all; I feel like I need some good coping strategies for keeping all 3 of us entertained when one wants to lie on the sofa and the other wants to be riding his 4 wheeled bike around the garden at top speed. He is not interested in the TV, though I am wondering if he'd like dancing to the wiggles.
I feel like I'm neglecting DD if I play with DS in the garden and leave her with the telly.
(We didn't have a problem today as neither DH nor I work on a Sunday, so we could take one child each.)
Any ideas gratefully received!

Mustard969 Sun 07-Jun-15 23:40:37

Water play in the sink with your Tupperware and bubbles


happygelfling Mon 08-Jun-15 02:09:23

They would love water play - that's a really good idea, thanks! We can do that outside in the shade too which will work well.
DS maybe not patient enough for baking just yet but hopefully soon. (I think it's probably my aversion to a kitchen completely covered in flour that is the real problem there.)
Well definitely try the water play - thanks, Mustard.

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