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Is he ready to stop wearing nappies?

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Muntjac Sun 07-Jun-15 17:12:28

My DS is 1 month from his 3rd birthday. I've tried a couple of times recently to get him out of nappies. He definitely has bowel control and has poo-ed on the potty a couple of times in the past. His problem is with weeing. This weekend I was determined we would crack it, but he absolutely refused to let go of his bladder on both the potty and the toilet (with a special seat), despite wanting to go to the toilet "like a big boy", just like his brother, and being mildly excited about wearing pants instead of nappies. I tried bribery with his favourite sweets, to no avail. He gets very distressed and cries, and was telling me it was "stinging", meaning the act of trying to hold his wee in his bladder. He begged me for a nappy so he could let go of it, and I gave in as he was so distressed. Should I persevere, or should I wait another week/month??? Please help!

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