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What Dyou do with your 1 year old?

(7 Posts)
moomin35 Sun 07-Jun-15 12:00:43

My LO cries everywhere we go. Wants to be put down in places they can't (not walking yet) etc, not content in a buggy...

grabaspoon Sun 07-Jun-15 12:08:50

Do you mean when theyre crying or what do I do with them during the day?

Magichat Sun 07-Jun-15 12:08:59

My DS loves going for picnics. We take our lunch outside to a grassy square or park and sit and watch the pigeons with a few toys. He can crawl around the grass, but mainly loves to people-watch (like me!). We go swimming one day a week and baby-gym another day. Our local library runs a free session once a week where we sing songs.
Just like your little one mine just wants to be down crawling, but these things work for us

grabaspoon Sun 07-Jun-15 12:18:03

I am a nanny to an 18 month old but we have had the same type of routine since she was 6 months.

We do a music group, toddler group, toddler gym session, swimming and rhyme time at the library. All of these are morning sessions. Then the afternoons we are a bit more relaxed - local woodland for a walk, the playground, walk into town, garden fun, cooking, painting, playing at home.

Luckily my little one was walking quite early on - however this creates its own problems - "Wants to be put down in places they can't" yep - wants to walk everywhere, wants to get down in shops/cafes unchildfriendly spaces. "not content in a buggy" because wants to walk everywhere etc.

Imeg Sun 07-Jun-15 18:07:02

We spend a lot of time at the playpark, where he can climb the steps to the baby slide. He's not walking on his own but walks holding my hands (just about progressing to one hand). He also likes climbing up the stairs at home.
Most supermarkets or large shops/shopping centres have an area that's a bit quieter, at least on a weekday, where he can do some walking or crawling - I'm sure their floors are cleaner than mine!
It's hard though - too old to just sit and watch, too young to properly interact/chat - although I know we're heading for tantrums, as he gets older I'm hoping that entertaining him might get a bit easier (probably wishful thinking)...

knittingbee Tue 09-Jun-15 20:05:59

We go to the park. We go for walks with her strapped to my back as she hates the buggy, also means we can go over any terrain and I have a 3yo who I need to hold hands with too. We roll around on the grass. We play on the floor together. When I was on mat leave, we went to baby groups.

ODog Wed 10-Jun-15 13:51:19

I take my 1yo to toddler groups, swimming, playing at friends houses with toddlers/babies of a similar age, parks, picnics, beach, playing at home/in the garden. He also wants to get down quitea lot but can't walk, I find this is worse when in the buggy but better if hes in the sling so I have invested in a toddler connecta and rarely use the buggy now.

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