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Tula or Connecta?

(12 Posts)
herdwicksheep Sun 07-Jun-15 07:31:49

Looking to buy a ssc to use for 10 month old ds. We have always used ring slings but he's getting too heavy to wear for long periods of time and we need something to distribute the weight evenly.

I've been looking at Tulas and Connectas. Which do you prefer, and why?

ThursdayLast Sun 07-Jun-15 07:37:10

I've never tried a connecta, I have rented an ergo and quite liked it but I LOVE my Tula smile

DS is quite tall and quite heavy and I find the Tula has a higher back, which in turn feels more supportive. So easy to get on and off. DS loved it. We still use the toddler Tula now he is over 2yo.

Also they have great patterns.

Momzilla82 Sun 07-Jun-15 07:39:37

I'd find your local sling library and try a few. I tried 4 ssc before I decided which suited best: they all have a slightly different fit and advantages. -- I have a boba 4g and love it but that wasn't the question!--

shushpenfold Sun 07-Jun-15 07:40:40

Thanks goodness - I thought you were proposing to call your DD Connecta!!!

Magicalmrmistofeles Sun 07-Jun-15 07:41:37

So did I Shush!

petalsandstars Sun 07-Jun-15 07:43:37

I've not tried a connecta but I love my tula- really comfy. I bought toddler size as my lo was massive at 12mo

boldlygoingsomewhere Sun 07-Jun-15 08:02:58

My DD has outgrown her standard Connecta which we had been using most days since she was four months old. We both loved it- really quick and easy to put on, supportive and folds up small.

We are now looking for a toddler sized carrier and I recently hired a Tula to try. Also loved this and I think it would be more comfortable for longer carries than the toddler Connecta...

cookiefiend Sun 07-Jun-15 08:54:31

Look at Lillebaby complete. I love mine- great lumbar support. DD is a big 21 months and I am pregnant and still comfy carrying her.

Littlef00t Sun 07-Jun-15 15:17:10

If you're looking at those, research Kibi. It's superemely adjustable, from 4 months to 3 years, with poppers to broaden the seat and clips to increase the height of the back.

UnfortunateUsername Sun 07-Jun-15 21:00:02

I've been lusting after a new toddler tula for a while now. Is there not a local sling meet you could visit to try out both?

polkadotdelight Sun 07-Jun-15 21:57:14

We have a tula and love it.

superbfairywren Mon 08-Jun-15 08:18:33

There is a postal sling library called its a sling thing online that will rent you slings by post. I am about to rent both a connecta, tula and ergobaby360 to try as I want to start carrying my 6month old dd again. The close caboo we used when she was little just isn't comfy anymore.

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