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Pushchair help needed!

(2 Posts)
FarFromBeingGruntled Sat 06-Jun-15 10:44:45

Advice needed, please. The brake has gone on my trusty travel system and I need a new (well, 2nd hand) pushchair for my 11mo DD. We have a McLaren techno xt hiding in the loft which we got for DS which I really liked BUT when folded up is just a bit big - as I recall I could just about get it in the boot of my Nissan note on an angle. It was fine when we just had DS, but with 2DC and several long car journeys a year to visit relatives, camping holiday etc we could do with something that umbrella folds as small as possible, but is still a decent, hard-wearing pushchair, so I can replace the xt. Any recommendations?

Imeg Sat 06-Jun-15 11:11:42

I have a small car with a small boot and ended up with a 3-wheeler when we moved on from the pram as it folded in half so was much shorter (though obviously wider) and fitted better in the boot. It wasn't what I had in mind at all but it is working for us.
When we looked at the umbrella ones, the better quality ones tended to be taller and therefore longer when folded and so harder to fit in the boot. I have a Tesco value pushchair which I got for a plane journey, and that fits ok, but all the maclarens etc we looked at were taller than that so were going to be a squash in the boot.

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