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Dressing my skinny DD

(16 Posts)
Addictedtocustardcreams Fri 05-Jun-15 16:12:26

DD is 2.5 and has just been potty trained. Her nappies were bulky washables so I thought all her trousers were just stretched my them so bought some new leggings (old ones were looking a bit short anyway). The new leggings are falling off her skinny little bum. She has always been a bit long & stringy since a baby. Shee is also super active & loves gym club we go to & climbing up stuff in the park so don't really think I want her in skirts too often. Anyone found any particular shops good for long & skinny girls or any better ideas for clothes than more leggings?

Picklesauage Sat 06-Jun-15 17:55:17

My dd is the same, basically I just re-elasticate the waist.
I tend to buy HandM leggings and then cut a small whole on the inside of the waistband so I can see the elastic. Then I get some elastic (doesn't matter the colour, generally around 1-2cm width) attach one end to a safety pin and thread it round the top of the leggings and make the waist tighter. All it takes is a snip, thread it round and the a couple of stickers to secure the new elastic at the right length.

It's a bit of a pain, but it does mean if she gets too big for the new waist as she grows I can snip my elastic waist and they are magically bigger again.

pointythings Sat 06-Jun-15 18:00:27

Even with H&M clothes (which are slim fitting) I had to tighten the waists in the way Picklesausage describes for DD2 - she is now 12 and developing a figure, but we still have to be careful where we shop as she is still slender. It's just one of those things...

FreeButtonBee Sat 06-Jun-15 18:02:52

Sainsburys are relatively slim cut - my slim DTD is still in age 9-12 month leggings at 2.4. Luckily in the summer it doesn't matter too much about a bit of a gap at the ankle.

KittyandTeal Sat 06-Jun-15 18:05:59

I have a similar problem with my tall and skinny unlike mum 2.8yo. She's still in nappies and will be for a while if today's potty training is anything to go by so they're holding things up atm.

I'm dreading when she's older and wants to wear nice clothes! I am terrible at sewing so re-elasticising waist bands isn't an option for me.

Addictedtocustardcreams Sat 06-Jun-15 19:33:45

Ooh like the idea with the extra elastic. I was looking at the leggings trying to think how to take them in without all the fabric weirdly bunching but couldn't work it out! Will defo try that, thanks guys.

lighteningmcmama Sat 06-Jun-15 23:21:33

I have this problem

Currently we use nappy pinsblush

Picklesausage, what do you mean secure with stickers? I think I need to try this method!

wheresthelight Sun 07-Jun-15 07:40:06

My not quite 2 year old is the same, she need her 18-24 month on bottom for length but they drop off her waist which she can still fit her 6-9 month stuff!

Primark, h&m and next are great for adjustable waists.

TwiceAsNiceAsIceAndaSlice Sun 07-Jun-15 07:43:34

I think she means stitches not stickers!

BikeRunSki Sun 07-Jun-15 07:47:31

DS is nearly 7 and we still have this problem. H&M and extra elastic all the way for us.

Picklesauage Sun 07-Jun-15 07:49:20

Oops damn auto correct! Yes I do mean stitches! Stickers not a reliable sewing method!

christinarossetti Sun 07-Jun-15 08:01:30

Jeggings or cotton trousers with adjustable waists as they get a bit older.

H & m leggings end up being virtually disposable as the knees rip the first time they fall over and the fabric is often too thin to see effectively.


addictedtosugar Sun 07-Jun-15 08:01:45

Don't know about girls clothes, but H&M boys are typically longer than other brands, and have adjustable waists.
I don't buy trousers without adjustable waists.
Shorts can be bought several ages down.

OpposableThumbs1 Sun 07-Jun-15 08:06:21

H&M for my skinny 4 year old too.

ragged Sun 07-Jun-15 08:37:00

DD was tiny & not yet 2yo when she trained.
Next, Tesco, buy age 3 yrs & turn up or hem. Leggings are good!!

UngratefulMoo Sun 07-Jun-15 09:25:19

Expensive, but Petit Bateau clothes are very slim fitting (was bought several bodysuits that wouldn't go round my DD's fat little thighs). Maybe try ebay?

And I've found Tesco F+F baby / toddler clothes to be quite slim cut as well.

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