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My fussy 2.7 year old - does what he ate today sound ok?

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milkyman Fri 05-Jun-15 15:55:21

breakfast: shredded wheat, few cornflakes, half banana.

snacks at playgroup: biscuits, raisins, some pom bears.

lunch: hummous, ciabatta, 1 chip (!), 2 baby tomatoes - as we ate at a cafe.

snacks: rice cakes, apple, breadsticks

tea: pasta and cheese, tomatoes, 2 mini sausages, a bit of applewood cheddar, yoghurt and strawberries.

he eats a lot but limited diet.

milkyman Fri 05-Jun-15 15:55:45

drinks only water and milk

milkyman Fri 05-Jun-15 15:58:44

he wont eat vegs or meat...

mrsmalcolmreynolds Fri 05-Jun-15 20:12:37

Sounds absolutely fine for a single day, but how restricted are we talking about? Is that everything he'll eat?

codandchipstwice Fri 05-Jun-15 20:15:21

That's fine but would suggest offering fruit/veg only as snacks, doesn't really need poms of biscuits

milkyman Fri 05-Jun-15 20:17:10

thanks all - the biscuits and poms were what was offered at playgroup so wouldnt usually give these. he does eat other stuff e.g homemade bolignese, eggs and cucumber!

Allisgood1 Fri 05-Jun-15 20:17:46

Remove starches at snack time. Stick to fruit and if he refuses, no snack!!!
I don't give my fussy 3.5yo a snack between lunch and dinner. The other night she ate ALL her chicken in rice (which is probably the first time ever since she started this fussiness).

gointothewoods Fri 05-Jun-15 20:59:34

Sounds brilliant compared to my 6 year old very fussy son.
Wouldn't be concerned in the slightest.

nilbyname Fri 05-Jun-15 21:02:52

Sounds good to me. Best bit of HV advice- don't look at what your toddler eats in a day, look at it over a week.

Drop the carny snacks, cut up veg- just keep offering it.

JimmyCorkhill Fri 05-Jun-15 21:06:21

That's waaaaaaay more variety than my 2.3yo DD2 eats. Pasta, hummous, cheddar -wowzers. I can only dream of the day she eats that grin We did BLW and she ate everything. What happened? sad

Xmasbaby11 Fri 05-Jun-15 21:45:50

Sounds similar to 3.3 dd so seems normal, but she is picky!

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