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asda rebranded nappies no good?

(16 Posts)
chumbler Sat 30-May-15 19:43:53

wonder if anyone else has had this problem. we were using asda little angels size 1 nappies. dd is now 9.5lb and nappies started to leak so decided to try a size bigger. we tried sizes 2 and 3 of little angels this week and both leaked every time confused are the nappies different as noticed they've rebranded the packaging?? think we need to nip to aldi instead as can't put up with these! anyone else had this problem?

WellErrr Sat 30-May-15 19:46:13

I used to use little angels, swore by them but they changed the bigger sizes around 6 months ago and the new ones were RUBBISH. Littler sizes still ok so I used these with the baby until she was in the bigger ones.

Perhaps they've now changed the littler ones too?

I use sainsburys own brand now, they're brill.

chumbler Sun 31-May-15 18:02:24

rubbish. think they've changed them, new packaging and they look slightly different in terms of the picture on them. so disappointed!! I can't be the only one with a problem with this?

Buglife Sun 31-May-15 19:22:53

We use Size 4 Little Angels and they are fine, 9 month old DS has not had a wee leak for weeks, even overnight, so I'm still happy. We started using them 6 months ago though so don't know how they were before, but I'm sticking with them.

squizita Tue 02-Jun-15 19:13:03

I have no problems with size 3 asda.

But lidl are excellent too if you do want a new brand.

GingerCuddleMonster Tue 02-Jun-15 19:17:32

were in size 3 adds active fit ones, no issues here. They contained a poonami too which I was surprised at shock

chumbler Tue 02-Jun-15 21:17:25

maybe it's just me! it's the newborn little angels I think they've changed, have you tried them since the recent rebranding? we're using little angels comfort dry size 3 now which seem much better

RandomMess Tue 02-Jun-15 21:21:31

It can just depend on body/thigh shape tbh if they don't fit "right" they leak.

fattymcfatfat Tue 02-Jun-15 21:22:42

I use Sainsbury own brand. DD is 17 months andbi have always used them they are fab.

Lolly86 Tue 02-Jun-15 21:23:44

I use asda smart price £1.40 for 20 and they are really good from about size4/5upwarda though

GinLimeandLemonade Fri 26-Jun-15 12:02:25

We've been having problems with the new style ones too (the ones with the elephants on) They're not leaking but we keep finding crystals at every nappy change. Thankfully we've still got some of the old style in the right size (4+) so using those at night and the new ones through the day, I don't want to risk a crystal explosion from a night time nappy! I can't find any splits in them so not sure where they're leaking from confused

We're going to switch to Aldi nappies I think as there's one next to the Asda we do the big shop at. It's a shame because we've never had any problems in the 6 months we've used them.

Roseybee10 Sat 27-Jun-15 01:08:19

I used Asda with my first dd and they were great but tried using again with dd2 and they leak lots.They also have an awful smell off them.

Aldi ones are working bet for us.

Traceylou18 Sun 28-Jun-15 22:34:53

I was using the asda active comfort fit angels size 3 nappies and had used newborn upwards for my child. I found them to be excellent and good value for money. Very few leaks. HOWEVER ... Since the re branding the nappies are not reliable. Very thin. Less in packet. Leaks and lumpy bits I have noticed in nappy when changing. I have not even tried using them at night as daytime 3 hourly changes are already noticeably poor absorbed. I don't get on with pampers for unreliability too.

chumbler Sun 28-Jun-15 22:39:37

such a shame they rebranded. I complained and had my money back

BentleyBelly Tue 30-Jun-15 22:21:16

Go for Aldi or Lidl nappies, both excellent quality for the price and never had a leak!

GinLimeandLemonade Fri 03-Jul-15 11:41:33

We've been using Aldi nappies since I last posted and they've been much, much better! They're thicker (but not bulkier) and no overnight leaks which is good - had a few with the Asda ones.

We took the Asda ones back and got an in store card to use so used that for the food shopping and got the nappies from Aldi. Good customer service at least! smile

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