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Baby scratching head - help!

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RevoltingPeasant Thu 28-May-15 15:19:37

DD is 4mo and for the last few weeks has taken to scratching at her forehead and eye area. She does it particularly when she is bored or tired.

Initially she had a patch of dry skin on her forehead so we suspected eczema. We tried coconut oil and E45 but neither worked, so asked GP. She prescribed Diprobase.

That's got rid of the dry skin but the scratching is persisting. I'm at my wits' end because I don't think it's good for her to be in scratch mitts all the time, as it's meaning she can't grasp things properly, which she is just learning to do. I've cut her nails as short as I dare.

But she's still nicking herself! What to do? Will she outgrow it?

Skinspecialist88 Fri 29-May-15 00:02:58

Sorry to hear that your baby is scratching. It's probably the start of infantile or atopic eczema - usually starts on the cheeks though. Moisturisers are a good start. Pure petroleum jelly is free from allergens. If the scratching doesn't settle, I suggest taking her back to the GP. She may need a very mild steroid for a few days. Though most mums worry about using steroids, when carefully supervised, the mildest creams can be used safely. Avoid baby wipes, bubble baths and liquid soap as all these can dry the skin.

Boobsout Fri 29-May-15 06:14:25

Hiya my 6 month old was the exact same started at about 4 months 2 and gradually got so itchy that she was hacking her head to bits the docs just kept saying it was dry skin too but she was beside herself in the end I had to ask after the 5th doc app to be referred to the dermatologist who said it was atopic eczema and she prescribed a bottle of piratin (magic in a bottle!) to take the itch out the skin and wet wraps with mixtures of steroid creams and diprobase and to cover her head in pure olive oil the change within in 24hrs was unbelievable! She is so settled now and only scratches at her head occasionally we still have to visit the hospital twice weekly as it will be an ongoing condition that needs to be managed but what a relief for her and me when they finally understood it wasn't teething etc!! Big hugs too you and your LO hopefully you will both get your relief soon xxx

RevoltingPeasant Fri 29-May-15 23:58:16

Ooh thanks!

The thing is, I started to think perhaps it wasn't eczema as there is no dry skin now. Can eczema be present in just normal clear skin?

Since using the Diprobase, the dry skin cleared up in a day or two. But the itching hasn't stopped at all. Her skin is perfectly clear and not even red but she jacks away at this one area.

I started to wonder if she had hayfever and was actually trying to scratch her itchy eyes, but she has no other symptoms of hayfever.


kinkytoes Sat 30-May-15 09:01:23

File her nails down regularly.

Whenever you see her scratch stop or distract her.

Use sleepsuits with fold over 'gloves' so she can't hurt herself when she's sleeping or you're not with her.

basilflower Sat 30-May-15 09:33:53

My ds did this, and still does a lot. I think partly due to mild eczema, but also I think he does this when he's tired. I try and keep his nails short, and file them to make them less sharp, but I find the best way to stop it is to co sleep as his hands are then more occupied (holding his food source, my boobs!) so he doesn't itch as much.

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