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9 year old soiling and wetting daily

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MLH1971 Tue 26-May-15 14:20:45

I am completely at my wits end what to do with my DD. She is 9 and every day, without fail, she is wetting herself. In addition to this she soils at least 3 times a week too. Over the last couple of years I've tried rewards, talking, trying to find ways for her to listen to what her body is telling her and occassionally losing it (not great, I know!).

She recently had a urine test that showed no infection, so that is ruled out. We live in Greece and my language skills are poor so it's difficult to find a therapist. This week a child phsycologist friend of a friend was here on holiday and offered to see us - unfortunately it didn't happen and I now feel more despondent than ever.

Can anyone help?

Littlefish Tue 26-May-15 14:31:37

It sounds to me like your dd could be constipated. Constipation can cause a condition of overflow soiling where a large, hard poo causes a blockage and then more watery poo escapes round the edges. The sufferer has no control over this at all. Constipation can also cause wetting accidents due to the pressure on the bladder.

Even if your child is pooing fairly regularly, they could still be suffering from overflow soiling (encopresis). Have a look at the link below and see what you think.

Does any of this sound familiar?

MLH1971 Tue 26-May-15 16:54:03

Thank you, I read something about this earlier too. Will definitely follow up on it.

Wouldn't you know it though - she walked in from school today clean and dry, dead chuffed with herself she was too!!

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