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Day 8, too late to breast feed?

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Jenny1231990 Sun 24-May-15 11:34:58

Hi all, my 3rd baby is now 8days old,I gave her SMA when born as wasn't sure I wanted to breast feed, people put me off, I've noticed she's been quite groggy the last few days but midwife said that it was normal, her nappys are terrible too.
In the evenings I've tried giving her a feed from me, but just feel like I'm not doing something quite right, I'm finding it hard to keep her latched on, maybe that's because she is used to the bottles now? Have I ruined any chance of feeding her myself?
I am willing to express also, the last 2 days she's been sick after each bottle so I don't think the formula is agreeing with her somehow anyway.

I just wish I hadn't left it so late I'm annoyed at myself. Can I express into her clean sterilised bottles and store in the fridge? If I can how long for? Will I get more milk back if I start expressing straight away? I've tried her on me and she cried, even though there was milk.
Sorry for the essay. Please help x

MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sun 24-May-15 11:42:02

It's not too late but you could probably do with some support. Both NCT and LLL have helplines and you can also see if NCT has someone who will come out to you.

In your shoes I would try to get normal breastfeeding established rather than expressing just because it's much less faff so worth trying first. Have you seen a lactation consultant/breastfeeding counsellor?

If you do choose to express Kelly Mom is a great website.

Jenny1231990 Sun 24-May-15 11:55:09

Thank you for your reply. I was hoping to do both as my family are a bit weird about the whole breast feeding idea (I know) I shouldn't have let these things bother me but I have and now I regret it big time.
Il check out that website. I haven't had anyone ask me about breast feeding or offer help. I've got an appointment wednesday so il ask then. Il just have to keep trying with her and hope we work it out x

Latium123 Sun 24-May-15 11:58:58

It's not too late but you will need to work quite hard to achieve it at this stage. You would be best to get some advice and support from BF or lactation consultant if possible. You would need to do loads of skin to skin and keep putting baby to breast as often as possible. Expressing would help increase supply.

Some women can even relactate after a very long gap. Here is a link that explains it and some of the helpful steps.

Re storage of milk here is a helpful link

jennifer86 Sun 24-May-15 14:30:34

I would advise you not to wait until your appointment on Wednesday, as you really need to start soon if you want to give either breast feeding or expressing a go. Do you have a contact number for your community midwives? It would be worth getting in touch as they will be able to advise. I'd also say that feeding difficulty in an 8 day old is worth phoning the out of hours midwife number for, if you have one? They might be able to help with the latch and check her weight. If she has been grisly it might be that she is hungry and you don't want to leave it for a fee days in case she is still losing weight smile

Letmeeatcakecakecake Sun 24-May-15 14:39:37

Have you tried nipple shields? I think the baby would take to them instantly and you could start weaning baby off then eventually! X

mrstweefromtweesville Sun 24-May-15 14:52:22

Hello. I was a breastfeeding counsellor for twelve years. I fed my own dd until she was four.

Its no big deal and you don't need equipment or advisors, though all that would be fun if you had it. But you don't, don't, need it. A doula or well-behaved grandma would be a real asset, to do housework, childcare and to cook your meals.

I hope you're already resting a lot. Rest more, bed rest with baby (by you or with you if you co-sleep) is best.

Stay hydrated with frequent sips of water. Have your main meal of the day (with protein) at lunchtime and a nourishing smoothie mid afternoon (google tiger milk). This is to boost your evening milk production. It falls if you've had a busy day and a late heavy meal.

Whatever you are feeding your baby now, continue with that. In a few weeks, when breastfeeding is established, she won't need it.

Put the baby to the breast. Aim for 24/7 contact. No dummies. Because she's already reliant on bottles, you will need to work up to 24/7, as she'll need some breaks so that she's ready for her bottle. At this stage of life if she's sucking, she thinks she's getting food, so you have to be aware - that's why you don't cut down on formula at first.

Your 'perfect' routine is "Baby at the breast with access to the nipple constantly. She doesn't always suckle but every twenty minutes or so, she'll have a little suck."

Every time she sucks, she's stimulating your milk production. With lots of rest, suckling and skin contact, milk should come in. If you're running about doing childcare and housework, it will be more of a challenge but not impossible.

Expressing - do it (when baby is asleep or unwilling to feed) with your finger and thumb, stroking with slight pressure from about half-way back on the breast, towards the nipple. When that milk comes in, you'll see it shoot across the room. My first attempts brought one or two paltry drops which I dutifully kept in a tiny bottle in the fridge. Yes, you can express straight into a small sterilised bottle and store. I didn't keep mine more than 24 hours but there'll be up-to-date advice on that on the internet somewhere.

Good luck.

Jenny1231990 Sun 24-May-15 15:17:20

Wow, thank you for all the advice, I still have some milk so that's a bonus, my OH had rushed out and got me a manual pump today so hope it helps, never used one beofre. When home I plan on resting and having a go at expressing and this evening il sit and do plenty of skin to skin, she will latch on, but not for very long, I find I get more milk after I've had a bath. Not sure if that is normal. X

MrsBojingles Sun 24-May-15 15:32:55

A good hot bath helps letdown for me. If you struggle to express you could massage your breasts first with a flannel soaked in warm water. There are also some foods that are meant to help increase your supply - Google lactation cookies, and the herb fenugreek.

Hope it works out for you! If you've got even a little milk youve got something to work with!

ICantDecideOnAUsername Sun 24-May-15 15:37:51

Good tips MrsT. Place marking to keep thread as I think I'll need it later in the year.
Good luck OP.

Jenny1231990 Sun 24-May-15 18:42:39

Thank you, going to have a bath shortly and then give expressing a try, just worried I won't produce enough so il have to keep her on formula too. I hope it's ok to do that and won't upset her tummy further.

Il look up those recipes. Thank you.
Yes I'm glad I atleast have something to work with. How long would you suggest I try on each breast will I just know?

nobugsinmyrug Sun 24-May-15 18:49:09

congratulations on your baby jenny. Its absolutely possible to start feeding now (am a bf peer supporter). Try a 'baby moon' lots of skin-to-skin with your gorgeous newborn, feed on demand, and make sure you have a good latch.

Latch video:

more info including feeding when out and about.

ignore your family's views on bf and do what feels right to you and your dh (it sounds like he is on board) your family only repeat what they have learnt culturally.

post here for more advice and get in touch with NCT. best of luck x

nobugsinmyrug Sun 24-May-15 18:50:13

don't worry too much about expressing, your body produces milk when you look at or cuddle with your baby. best to pop baby on the breast (-:

petalsandstars Sun 24-May-15 18:57:42

She's 8 days so her tummy will be tiny too. There's a picture but I'm on phone so can't link - of how much they will take at this age. Oats can help you increase supply. Feed really frequently to get the demand going, And if you can get a lactation consultant they can help too.

2boys2girls Sun 24-May-15 18:59:07

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

PlumFairy2014 Sun 24-May-15 19:01:08

Just came across this and wanted to say I hope it goes to well!

My LO was in Nicu so didn't get to feed for a couple of days. (Very different I realise!). She didn't get it at first, but after a few hours on and off the breast she went crazy for it, stayed attached to me most of the night. That particular night was tough, but so worth it.

I would advise some lanisoh nipple stuff. Just as she spent a lot of time attached those first few days and it helped my nipples a lot.

I used a stretchy wrap too, so she would sleep attached to me which is meant to help with supply. (Not as effective as skin to skin I imagine, but we had to get dressed now and then.)

I hope it goes well for you and congratulations on your new baby! smile

VeryPunny Sun 24-May-15 19:03:08

Have reported 2boys2girls for talking unhelpful bollocks. Every drop helps. Other people have given better advice than I have but hope it goes well for you OP.

PlumFairy2014 Sun 24-May-15 19:04:16

Ignore negative comments.

There are SO many benefits for you and baby, don't let ignorant people put you off.

girliefriend Sun 24-May-15 19:08:49

Hi I had to stop bfing my dd when she was just over a week old for a few days (I had to have emergency surgery) and thought that was probably going to be it bfing wise but a very nice midwife encouraged me to have a go at relactating.

It took a while but I put dd to the boob every time she cried and at least every 3 hours, I always offered boob first. If she fed and I was concerned she was still hungry I topped up with some formula. I gradually reduced the top ups and by the time she was 8 weeks ish I was exclusively bfing.

I found eating biscuits and drinking loads of water helped as well wink

girliefriend Sun 24-May-15 19:09:28

Oh and I found a breast feeding support group that was brilliant and made me even more determined to keep going!!

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Sun 24-May-15 19:11:38

Baby tummy sizes. It's not too late, good luck.

JasonsBum Sun 24-May-15 19:14:00

Please don't take any notice of boys2girls. You're doing a brilliant thing. Stick at it. There's plenty of benefit.

Well done you for trying! flowers

2boys2girls Sun 24-May-15 19:16:50

Report why? I wasn't been horrible / negative ? I was saying what I was told when mine were young ? Think it was said so people who couldn't breast feed didn't feel pressured into doing both ... ? What a weird reaction though wow

DocHollywood Sun 24-May-15 19:17:07

Omg that comment was not just negative and unhelpful it was completely wrong! Please ignore shock

2boys2girls Sun 24-May-15 19:21:35

Sorry it was taken so wrongly ? I'm only saying what I was told ! And admittedly believed but like everything things change, ie feeding solids etc,

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