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12 year old self harming and witnessing violence at home

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mum0109 Thu 21-May-15 14:07:22

Hi their mums well I will start at the beginning I have three children with my ex I left him after suffering violence at his hands for 9 yrs had to leave in hurry as he did keep me hostage if he thought I was going to leave. went through women's aid which was a life saver. because oldest two at the time were at school and I had no were to live i left them with him as he was never aggressive to the children just me. I wanted to get them soon as I got somewhere but he threatened me with moving away and never seeing the kids again as his mum and dad are well off and would support them. few yrs later I went to court but caf cass decided it would be best for some unknown reason to leave the kids with a weed smoking abusive person rather then me. Now again another few yrs later my daughter has started self harming and I gets a phone call from school saying she is to scared to go home so now she is staying with me and my husband because the school rang social services and that was their advise which I love but I want my other children as well because now my eldest is 16 my 12 yrs old dd witnesses her dad being violent with partner a lot and they always arguing but other day witnessed her dad hit and punch and almost kicking her 16 yrs old brother until his partner stepped in front of him to protect him.
I just want to no if anyone else has been through stuff like this and how it worked because I want my all 3 of my children out of that environment but because of previous experience with caf cass am afraid they will side with him again and make my kids stay with him.

thankyou for reading

karigan Thu 21-May-15 15:51:30

I have no personal experience but I would have thought that if your daughter witnessed it and Gave a statement to the police as well as you calling social services about the attack on your son that should give a.lot of weight to your argument that they are not safe in your ex's care.
I hope it works out.

mum0109 Thu 21-May-15 16:14:49

Thank you I hope so too

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