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Is there a rear facing seat I can use with the isofix base after carry car seat?

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SparklingSapphire Tue 19-May-15 07:51:51

That is, one that the baby can move into after 9 months?

I've only just read that children should be rear facing until they are 4, I really didn't know this.

Just would like to not have to spend too many £££

maymow Tue 19-May-15 12:33:08

I'm not a car seat expert but the Securatot website is really helpful, with comparison charts, and their customer service is great - they'll talk through the different options on the phone.

Eminado Tue 19-May-15 13:57:06

We couldn't find one. We had to buy a new base. Sorry!

RainbowTortoise Tue 19-May-15 20:47:23

We have got the hauck varioguard, it was £175 including the base. They have been on offer for cheaper than that before.

Snowflake27 Wed 20-May-15 08:03:52

You can go for a birth to four years such as the brutax max fix I think it's called, but some reviews mention not great head support for new borns. It had an isofix base built in and is about £250 on Amazon. Also if you want the infant seat you can go for a maxi cosi pebble or cabriofix infant seat with the family fix base which then fits the next car seat up the Maxi cosi two way pearl- rear facing till 4. More expensive than the other option but more versatile. I'm struggling to find many more rf until 4 with isofix!

madwomanacrosstheroad Wed 20-May-15 08:16:52

Had the klippan kiss from birth until 4 yrs. My daughter was in it until aged 4 (and she is quite tall), it had a newborn support that seemed sufficiently supportive and fitted into my tiny Renault modus. I would contact the in car safety centre in Milton Keynes or Belfast. They have a website as well.
Those seats are usually not compatible with prams and the usual high street shops don't sell them.
With the kiss car seat you can lift the infant carrier bit out and use it if for example you need to go into a shop. You can also use it as a belted seat if you go in someone else's car and dont want to change the whole big isofix thing round.
Travel systems can be convenient but in my experience if you move the baby from seat to pram they LL waken briefly and go back over when pram is moving. Also lying flat in buggy is far better for their backs then being wheeled about in car seat.

serislou Wed 20-May-15 09:06:10

If you have the new family fix isobase (the one that fits the cabriofix) then you can fix the pearl on forward or rear facing, I'm not sure whether the pearl goes up to 4 years though.

Imeg Wed 20-May-15 12:09:51

If you are anywhere near one of these they have a big selection of rear facing car seats

ToniWol Wed 20-May-15 13:03:20

The Pearl does go up to 4-years. But we've got the old family fix base.

The new rules are being phased in gradually though. Currently the government website says rear facing up to 15-months. Am hoping that DD being in the 0.4th centile means she'll fit in her Pebble until then.

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