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DD 3.3, toilet training with receptive and expressive speech delay (Also in chat)

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elizadofuckall Mon 18-May-15 16:26:38

DD 3.3 has been diagnosed with severe expressive and receptive speech delay but has very recently (in the last month) started to use words.

A few months ago dd started to sit on the potty whenever she was naked and used it to wee. If she was in a different room she would still run to the potty to wee pretty reliably.

After a few weeks, this stopped completely and she would just stand wherever she was, look down and watch herself wee. We tried sitting her on the potty or toilet but she just held it in until she was off and then stood and wet herself. This went on for a couple of weeks so we decided that she wasnt ready and put her back into nappies.

Periodically now, if she is naked on the bottom half she will sometimes use the toilet or potty without letting us know at all but other times she will just stand and wet herself on the carpets again.

Any suggestions with how I can best approach this? HV is not interested in giving advice.

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