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Food throwing and general fussiness

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Highlove Sun 17-May-15 08:38:38

So my 14mo has never really been a champion eater. Occasionally she'll really go for it but mostly she's quite fussy and would rather go hungry than eat something she doesn't like.

We did mainly BLW from that start and I try very hard to be relaxed about it all; if she won't eat I just take it away and usually give fruit or plain yog as a pudding regardless. I've also tried to ignore the throwing but it's really getting worse. I guess I'm just after a bit of reassurance about the best approach, really.

She's recently decided she doesn't like pasta anymore so last night's pasta bolognaise went on the floor. The whole bowl. I cleared it up, took her down from highchair and tried again (more of the same, reheated) 45 mins later. I was pretty sure she was hungry - lunch was several hours ago and we don't do snacks. All went straight on the floor again. I gave her some dessert which she scoffed in seconds and cried for more. (Which she didn't get.)

I don't know what to do. I'd always bought into the idea that you just take it away and offer pudding regardless. But I'm worried she just holds out for pudding unless what's offered is from the pretty narrow range of 'safe' stuff. I always offer her a banana after her breakfast but again, not sure if that just encourages her not to bother with stuff that isn't her absolute favourite. Bananas are great but she could do with some protein, too!

DH thinks it's ok at her age to just stick to offering the stuff she'll eat. I don't agree and think it could make it worse in the long-run. He also thinks we need to tackle the throwing and I kind of agree, except I think it's a by-product of her being really picky. And we don't know how to tackle it anyway. So feeling like a pretty rubbish parent right now.

Any thoughts or advice, ease?

YokoUhOh Sun 17-May-15 08:51:31

With BLW I always offered a few bits and bobs off my plate; I never cooked specifically for DS. Remember, you're only just past the 'food is fun' stage, and every baby experiments with chucking food around.
I would offer bits of what you're having, plus tomato/cucumber, cheese, breadsticks, dips and see what she fancies. DS is now 30 months and eats everything in sight, having not eaten much of anything when he was your daughter's age.

PS she's not picky, she's just finding out about food. If she's eaten a fair bit at lunch then she might not even fancy dinner. Try to relax, or she'll pick up on your anxiety.

YokoUhOh Sun 17-May-15 08:53:00

PPS don't think of 'main' and 'pudding', just have the yoghurt and banana alongside as part of the meal.

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