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Identifying ASD traits.

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Writerwannabe83 Fri 08-May-15 17:29:05

Can I just ask those of you who have a child who has been diagnosed with autism or any other condition on the spectrum, at what age did you initially start to have concerns about your child's development?

I only ask on behalf of a friend who in conversation talks about her DS (who will be two in July) and some of his behavioural traits that worry her but she won't seek advice as she thinks he's too young for the behaviours to actually mean anything and so no HCP will be interested.

A colleague at work has a 12 year old DD who was diagnosed as having autism when she was six but my friend said in hindsight there were signs from a really young age that indicated that something just wasn't right.

At what age should a 'parents intuition" be listened to and taken seriously even if that child is still quite young?

Any advice or thoughts really appreciated.

coppertop Fri 08-May-15 17:38:49

With ds1 I had an inkling at 12mths that something was off. I remember asking the HV for a hearing re-test at 18mths, so definitely by then.

The HV didn't really listen until the 2yr development check, when ds1 failed on most things.

Ds2 was referred at 14mths by the Early Years team, but that was because they were involved with ds1 and knew there was a family history of autism. He was diagnosed just after his 2nd birthday.

The 2yr check is probably when your friend is most likely to be listened to (if they still do those). It's worth her starting to keep notes or a diary of any behaviours or issues that are a cause for concern. It's useful evidence for if/when her ds is assessed.

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