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help! my 2yo lg wont walk

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Frustratedmummy27 Sun 03-May-15 22:30:43

If any one has any ideas or Advice I'd be really grateful.

Recently my lg is point blank refusing to walk. Usually I would have the push chair, for when she gets tired but Ive noticed that recently when I ask her to walk she will purposely kick of, screaming (no tears) literally just a scream and throwing herself on the floor knowing that I would relent and put her in the pushchair, she would then sit there and play innocent like we haven't just made a massive scene where ever we are.
Today I decided to take the harsh route, no pushchair therefore no option other than walk. I was armed with riens and gave her the choices, did she want to hold hands or walk on the reins. She point blank refused to do either as soon as she got out of the car. I tried not to lose my temper and told her politely that I would love it if she could walk holding my hand like a big girl, in response she screamed until she made herself gag. I tried making fun out of going to the shop, to no avail. At home if this kind of tantrum happens for some reason, I would suggest a time out and she will go and sit on her bed until she has calmed down and is ready to talk to me. Obviously I don't have this option when out.
I am prepared to use the buggy for long trips, but I am not happy about her using it all the time.
She is physically fit, she has no problem running around the park for hours.
I feel like I can deal with these tantrums when I'm at home, because the time out works every time, after today's episode Im dreading having to go out but know I can't let her behaviour stop life.

Can anyone help?

rootypig Sun 03-May-15 23:13:01

Can you let her use the pushchair until she loses interest in the battle (a few weeks?) then try again? or am I being massively naive grin

FromAtoZ Tue 05-May-15 13:26:35

Dd1 did this I eventually gave her a dolls pram to push (while on reins) and it soon stopped. Maybe give that a go

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