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Is it too late to get a sling?

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Sherlocked221b Sun 03-May-15 15:34:54

DD is 4 months old, we have a baby carrier, but she likes being across my body. Is it too late to get a sling? At what age do you stop using them? Thank you.

ThatsNotEvenAWord Sun 03-May-15 15:40:39

You can use a woven wrap definitely, people use them for much older babies smile

BigSmilesCheesyPie Sun 03-May-15 15:46:10

Not too late at all. What baby carrier do you have at the moment?

I have various slings carry until they stop needed a rest when we are out, so 3 years or more. You don't notice the gain in weigh as it is so gradual.

MinesAPintOfTea Sun 03-May-15 15:53:06

Get simething that will work and you can use it for years

Ds is nearly 3 and still hops in the ergo I got when he was 4 months old.

pickwickcrocus Sun 03-May-15 15:57:17

Look on facebook or ask some local parents etc if there is a sling library locally. We have one, it's awesome! They have loads of carriers that you can hire so you can try before you buy.

Ds is 2 weeks old and our sling library gave me great advice as to a lovely stretchy wrap which we use literally every day. I will be going back when he is 4/5/6 months old to get more advice on my next sling or wrap. Hope to carry him for a very long time to come yet!

seaoflove Sun 03-May-15 16:08:31

I'd highly recommend a Connecta - so easy to use.

Reiltin Sun 03-May-15 16:12:20

We were late starting dd in a sling and she never took to it. So maybe borrow one first to try it before shelling out lots of money (like we did!)

cookiefiend Sun 03-May-15 16:56:09

I love my Lillebaby complete- does til age four or so, has great lumbar support and higher neck support for the child than an ergo.

HarrietSchulenberg Sun 03-May-15 18:12:23

Ds3 hated his pram so I put him in a ring sling at 3 months. Took to it like a flea to a cat and he was still in it occasionally at well past 12 months.
So no, not too late.
Was fiddly to start with but once I'd got the hang of it I could get it on and him in it in a few seconds.

qumquat Sun 03-May-15 19:40:15

We use a manduca which is fab - suitable from birth to 3 years

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