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at what age did you move baby to their own room?

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5secondstilltakeoff Wed 29-Apr-15 21:23:14

I have been co-sleeping with my second child since he was born. I dont particularly enjoy it but as I had a c section it was convenient for me after the birth to not have to move too much to get baby. Now my ds2 is coming up to 6 months I am contemplating moving him out of my bed in to the next room he will be sharing with my other ds (aged 2.5). Ds2 will be sleeping in a cot but I am not sure whether it is safe to move him in with the toddler. Ds1 is not violent or aggressive towards him and is actually quite caring to his brother. However he is 2.5 and i dont feel like I can trust him entirely. Plus dh feels its too soon for the baby to be in his own bed in the next room. I moved ds1 in to the next room when he was about 3 months (no co-sleeping he juat outgrew his mises basket) so ds2 has been sleeping with us for longer. What age is the right age to move baby in to their own room?

butterfly86 Wed 29-Apr-15 23:06:20

The time is right when you feel ready I think, my dd is 10 months and still in our room in a travel cot, I would maybe try moving her now but dh likes her near us I don't want to leave it too long but it suits us all fine for now.

Babymamamama Wed 29-Apr-15 23:17:39

Dd moved into her own room at six months old. I took advice on the best way to do it from health visitor and tied it in with stopping breast feeding. Both dd and I immediately started to sleep much better once the transition was done. I always feel bad for my friends who have such disturbed nights with co sleeping breast fed toddlers. But everyone makes their own choice. Dd is very securely attached to us regardless of a relatively early move to her own room. It was beneficial in strengthening her relationship with her daddy as once I gave up breast feeding and she went into her bedroom he could take turns with doing the bed time routine, giving her her bottle etc which he loved having more involvement and role in.

lexyloub Thu 30-Apr-15 08:55:42

I moved ds2 in with ds1 when he was around 8 months (ds1 was 3) they was fine together, if 1 was ill in the night it never woke the other 1 up and also they entertained each other in a morning giving Me an extra 10 mins in bed.

ThatsNotEvenAWord Thu 30-Apr-15 08:57:42

About 7 and a half months, the improvement in his sleep was almost immediate. sadly not permanent

PookBob Thu 30-Apr-15 08:58:52

Moved both out of our room when they were 9 months old. DC2 had to share with DC1. DC1 was 2yrs 5mths old at the time, and he loved having the baby in with him for company.

TheBuggerlugs Thu 30-Apr-15 10:35:12

Bang on 4m old. We've all slept better since and having it bedroom back is wonderful.

5secondstilltakeoff Thu 30-Apr-15 11:25:51

Can I ask if any of you were cosleeping witg your baby before you moved them out or were they in a moses basket etc in your room? Im worried baby wont adapt as he has been used to having a warm body next to him and being fed on demand. Also did you wait till baby could sleep through the night before you moved them in with a sibling? My baby is still not sleeping through.

ThatsNotEvenAWord Thu 30-Apr-15 12:25:43

I was having to co-sleep as we tried a cot with the side down and DS wouldn't settle there, feeding loads through the night and then not wanting to go down.

I thought I would have to wait to move him until he slept through but I was out of my mind with tiredness and fed up of Bfeeding so as a last resort tried moving him. I think we must have stopped disturbing each other as up until this recent bought of illness and teething he's been sleeping brilliantly, some nights all the way through, and has dropped his night feeds x

ThatsNotEvenAWord Thu 30-Apr-15 12:26:42

Sorry no sibling though so don't know how helpful am being

5secondstilltakeoff Thu 30-Apr-15 12:35:26

Very similar set up to me then. Started cosleeping unwillingly as baby wouldnt settle in his bed. Now im sick of it as i feel like i cant fully relax when i sleep and hate breastfeeding at night. I also have a good friend who delayed moving her child to his own bed and now has a 3 yr old and a one year old who both refuse to sleep in a separate bed to her so she cosleeps with both. Her youngest frequently wakes up for feeds at night.

ThatsNotEvenAWord Thu 30-Apr-15 13:20:54

I think it helps when they wake briefly and don't see/smell you so are able to go back to sleep (I hate the term 'self settle!'). Sometimes I hear him make a sound so I think, ok one more time and I'll go in and the next thing I know we've both gone back to sleep.

Howly Thu 30-Apr-15 14:37:55

DD outgrew her vintage (ie. small) moses basket at 6 weeks and we couldn't get a bigger cot in our room so she went into her big cot in her own room from then and she was none the wiser - however we did have a small house and I could see her cot along the small landing from my bed! In the long run it has been great, she self settled from 3 months and sleeps great. However I had to get up and out of bed to bf every time she woke and on the bad nights that was every 1.5 hours! Shes now 9 months and only wakes once a night for a quick feed then back down so its all worked out well. Doing it early saved us the heartache of having to deal with an upset older baby as she was never really aware of where she was sleeping. I must stress through HV don't recommend moving until 6 months due to risk of SIDS but I felt confident that I was close enough and checked on her regularly!

mangoespadrille Thu 30-Apr-15 15:07:54

At 14 weeks. DD was outgrowing the Moses basket and the cotbed wouldn't fit in our room. She slept through instantly. It took me a few weeks to get over it and stop constantly checking on her, but we follow all the SIDS advice (aside from being in our room until 6 months) and have a video monitor. HV said it was fine if we were comfortable with it.

5secondstilltakeoff Thu 30-Apr-15 19:27:02

Another question. My ds2 is turning 6months this week and i was thinking of moving him this week to his new room. However he is really struggling with his teething pains this week. Lots of whining. Not breastfeeding well or napping well during the day. Should i postpone until he is feeling a bit better?

Chintaria Fri 01-May-15 22:35:43

I would postpone, yes. But then my dc only went into their own rooms at 13 months & 11 months. With ds it was due to moving house so we lived at FIL's house for 3 months then he went straight into his room when we got into the new house. With dd it was because she wasn't sleeping through the night and as her room is right next door to ds' I didn't want her waking him.
Do you have to move your ds2 into his own room? I can see that you need to sleep better so need to move him out of your bed - is there space to put his cot in your room for a bit? At least then he'll have familiar noises in the night (eg your breathing) so it won't be such a huge change.
Is your ds1 a deep sleeper? Would he be disturbed if the baby wakes in the night?

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