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Worried about 6 yo DD not making friends - good questions for teacher?

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Honesttodog Wed 29-Apr-15 13:38:35

Feeing sad and anxious about dd. She is bright and cheerful, but a very curious and bold little girl, always asking questions. She has seemed a bit anxious recently, crying about small things, and saying she doesn't have anyone to play with in the playground. She has had 2 nice play dates recently and never seems upset about going to school. But I think she might be a bit lonely at break times.

Off to see the teacher today and I am really worried I am going to cry about it, because thinking about her being sad makes me feel sad, and so trying to get a positive list of questions together. Any advice tips? May just need to blub now and get it out of my system sad

Honesttodog Wed 29-Apr-15 13:42:56

Meant to add, that I wonder if her boldness (so many children seem reluctant to make chat when she talks to them, she often just addresses the parents if she's not having any luck...) is off putting to girls.

Just want her to be happy and have a nice time at school, i
Never had a best friend really and to date I have many important friends but no single best friend. I am probably projecting my anxieties onto her in some way...

LuckyAugust Wed 29-Apr-15 19:54:46

Sorry no question suggestions but wondered how you got on? You sound like a lovely mummy being so concerned and I had similar worries over DS1 who is 5. He used to come home from school, I'd ask him who he was playing with today and he'd say no one. I would cry because I was exactly the same at that age and until I reached secondary school age. I mentioned it to his teacher and my little tinker had been telling fibs, very popular and never on his own! Try not to worry x

Honesttodog Wed 29-Apr-15 21:42:38

Thanks, I was fearing the worst but apparently she is fine and I didn't cry !
Mini fist pump... Teacher suspects general teariness at this age is just tiredness. I was feeling wobbly because our bond is very close and it would be a terrible sign if she wasn't telling me something. I never knew how protective I would feel of my firstborn! Whereas my son is going to be MY protector when he grows up, he tells me when he is big he will get me things and look after me....

Thanks for asking, I feel a bit happier now.

LuckyAugust Wed 29-Apr-15 22:10:34

Aww bless, glad it went ok. I am so protective of my little ones too. DS1 is so much like me and it does worry me sometimes - he's such a sensitive little soul x

Orangeanddemons Thu 30-Apr-15 21:05:45

This was my daughter at that age. I think it's an age related thing. She only started to feel better in y3, and now in y4 is Miss Sociable and has loads of friends.

Looking back, I think it was dd's perception of things rather than the actual reality iykwim.

tobysmum77 Fri 01-May-15 07:35:16

I think it's important to talk to them about friendships. I had this a bit from dd in reception/ start of year 1. It really helped to get her to see that friendship is a 2 way thing so you can't diss your 'friends' one day and then expect them to welcome you back with open arms the next.

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